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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01A comparative survey of climbing robots and arboreal animals in scaling complex environmentsWebster, C; Jusufi, A; Liu, D
2017-09-01Undulatory Swimming Performance and Body Stiffness Modulation in a Soft Robotic Fish-Inspired Physical ModelJusufi, A; Vogt, DM; Wood, RJ; Lauder, GV
2017-06-29Towards a Closed Loop Soft Fishtail Actuator – Soft Sensors for Measurement of Soft Fin CurvatureJusufi, A; Vogt, DV; Wood, RW; Lauder, GL
2017-06-29Exploration of Rapid Sprinting Dynamics of Tetrapod utilizing IMUsJusufi, A; Hayati, HH; Eager, DE; Tucker, BT
2017-03-01Undulatory Swimming Performance and Body Stiffness Modulation in a Soft Robotic FishJusufi, A; Vogt, DM; Wood, RJ; Lauder, G
2017-01-01A study of rapid tetrapod running and turning dynamics utilizing inertial measurement units in greyhound sprintingHayati, H; Eager, D; Jusufi, A; Brown, T
2012-06-06Rapid Inversion: Running Animals and Robots Swing like a Pendulum under LedgesMongeau, J-M; McRae, B; Jusufi, A; Birkmeyer, P; Hoover, AM; Fearing, R; Full, RJ
2012-01-12Tail-assisted pitch control in lizards, robots and dinosaursLibby, T; Moore, TY; Chang-Siu, E; Li, D; Cohen, DJ; Jusufi, A; Full, RJ
2011-12-01Aerial Righting Reflexes in Flightless AnimalsJusufi, A; Zeng, Y; Full, RJ; Dudley, R
2010-12-01Righting and turning in mid-air using appendage inertia: reptile tails, analytical models and bio-inspired robotsJusufi, A; Kawano, DT; Libby, T; Full, RJ
2008-03-18Active tails enhance arboreal acrobatics in geckosJusufi, A; Goldman, DI; Revzen, S; Full, RJ