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2019-09-01The organisation and experience of work in the gig economyKaine, S; Josserand, E
2019-09-01Different directions or the same route? The varied identities of ride-share driversJosserand, E; Kaine, S
2019-03-29Strategic 'Coenforcement' in Supply Chains: The Case of the Cleaning Accountability FrameworkKaine, S; Rawling, M
2018-07-16'Submission to Inquiry into the Exploitation of General and Specialist Cleaners Working in Retail chains for contracting or subcontracting cleaning companies' Centre for Business and Social Innovation UTSKaine, S; Rawling, MJ; Josserand, E; Boersma, M; Johns, K; Ryan, R
2018-07-01Delivering sustainability in supply networks: Achieving networked multi-stakeholder collaborationsJosserand, E; Kaine, S; Nikolova, N
2018-06-01Women, work and industrial relations in Australia in 2017Kaine, S; Boersma, M
2017-09-08How to stop businesses stealing from their employeesKaine, S; Josserand, E; Boersma, M
2017-06-01Women, work and industrial relations in Australia in 2016Kaine, S
2016-09-01Labour Standards in Global Value Chains: Disentangling Workers' Voice, Vicarious Voice, Power Relations, and RegulationJosser, E; Kaine, S
2016-07-09Regulation and the dynamic adjustment of public-private governance: The case of Port Botany, SydneyJosserand, EL; Kaine, S
2016-01-01Women, work and industrial relations in Australia in 2015Kaine, S
2015-01-01The role of government in influencing labour conditions through the procurement of services: Some political challengesRavenswood, K; Kaine, S
2015-01-01Union responses to regulatory change: Strategies of protective layeringKaine, S; Brigden, C
2015-01-01Supply chains, production networks and the employment relationshipWright, CF; Kaine, S
2015-01-01Rethinking factional alliances and union renewal: Inter-union collaboration in the 21st centuryBrigden, C; Kaine, S
2014-04-25Union voiceKaine, S
2013-11-01Outing the Silent Partner: Espousing the Economic Values that Operate in Not-For-Profit OrganizationsKaine, S; Green, J
2012-07-01Employee voice and regulation in the residential aged care sectorKaine, S
2012-04-01Collective regulation of wages and conditions in aged care: Beyond labour lawKaine, S
2010-04-01'Comprehensive campaigning' in the NSW transport industry: Bridging the divide between regulation and union organizingKaine, S; Rawling, M