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2023-07-01Influence of varying concentrations of TiO<inf>2</inf> nanoparticles and engine speed on the performance and emissions of diesel engine operated on waste cooking oil biodiesel blends using response surface methodologyRazzaq, L; Abbas, MM; Waseem, A; Jauhar, TA; Fayaz, H; Kalam, MA; Soudagar, MEM; A.S.Silitonga,; Samr-Ul-Husnain,; Ishtiaq, U
2023-04-15Alternative fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from marine transport and promote UN sustainable development goalsIslam Rony, Z; Mofijur, M; Hasan, MM; Rasul, MG; Jahirul, MI; Forruque Ahmed, S; Kalam, MA; Anjum Badruddin, I; Yunus Khan, TM; Show, PL
2023-03-01Towards techno-economics of green hydrogen as a primary combustion fuel for recreational vehicle vapor absorption refrigeration systemThiri Zun, M; Shakeel Ahmad, M; Fayaz, H; Selvaraj, J; Ahmed, W; Wang, Y; Ben Khedher, N; Silitonga, AS; Elfasakhany, A; Kalam, MA; Rashid, B
2023-02-15Unanswered issues on decarbonizing the aviation industry through the development of sustainable aviation fuel from microalgaeRony, ZI; Mofijur, M; Hasan, MM; Ahmed, SF; Almomani, F; Rasul, MG; Jahirul, MI; Loke Show, P; Kalam, MA; Mahlia, TMI
2023-01-09Energy, exergy and economic (3E) analysis of flat-plate solar collector using novel environmental friendly nanofluid.Amar, M; Akram, N; Chaudhary, GQ; Kazi, SN; Soudagar, MEM; Mubarak, NM; Kalam, MA
2023-01-01Screening of non-edible (second-generation) feedstocks for the production of sustainable aviation fuelMofijur, M; Ahmed, SF; Rony, ZI; Khoo, KS; Chowdhury, AA; Kalam, MA; Le, VG; Badruddin, IA; Khan, TMY
2022-12-01Effect of Temperature and Wind Speed on Efficiency of Five Photovoltaic Module Technologies for Different Climatic ZonesTahir, ZR; Kanwal, A; Asim, M; Bilal, M; Abdullah, M; Saleem, S; Mujtaba, MA; Veza, I; Mousa, M; Kalam, MA
2022-12-01Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensor for Detecting Sulfuric Acid in Different ConcentrationsMaidi, AM; Kalam, MA; Begum, F
2022-12-01Influence of Injection Pressure and Aluminium Oxide Nano Particle-Added Fish Oil Methyl Ester on the Performance and Emission of Compression Ignition EngineAkkoli, KM; Kamate, SC; Topannavar, SN; Bhavimani, AR; Banapurmath, NR; Veza, I; Soudagar, MEM; Khan, TMY; El-Shafay, AS; Kalam, MA; Shivashimpi, MM; Gulli, AM
2022-12-01Microwave irradiation-assisted transesterification of ternary oil mixture of waste cooking oil – Jatropha curcas – Palm oil: Optimization and characterizationYusoff, MNAM; Zulkifli, NWM; Sukiman, NL; Kalam, MA; Masjuki, HH; Syahir, AZ; Awang, MSN; Mujtaba, MA; Milano, J; Shamsuddin, AH
2022-11-01Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of ZnO/DIW based nanofluids in small diameter compact channels: An experimental studySiddiqi, HUR; Qamar, A; Shaukat, R; Anwar, Z; Amjad, M; Farooq, M; Abbas, MM; Imran, S; Ali, H; Khan, TMY; Noor, F; Ali, HM; Kalam, MA; Soudagar, MEM
2022-10-11Experimental and Computational Analysis of Newly Synthesized Benzotriazinone Sulfonamides as Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors.Khalid, Z; Alnuwaiser, MA; Ahmad, HA; Shafqat, SS; Munawar, MA; Kamran, K; Abbas, MM; Kalam, MA; Ewida, MA
2022-10-04Effect of plastic pyrolytic oil and waste cooking biodiesel on tribological properties of palm biodiesel–diesel fuel blendsAwang, MSN; Mohd Zulkifli, NW; Abbas, MM; Zulkifli, MSA; Kalam, MA; Mohd Yusoff, MNA; Ahmad, MH; Wan Daud, WMA
2022-09-29Experimental investigation of a hybrid configuration of solar thermal collectors and desiccant indirect evaporative cooling systemDitta, A; Tabish, AN; Mujtaba, MA; Amjad, M; Yusuf, AA; Chaudhary, GQ; Razzaq, L; Abdelrahman, A; Kalam, MA
2022-09-01Sustainable Production of Biodiesel from Novel and Non-Edible Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Seed Oil from Green and Recyclable Potassium Hydroxide Activated Ailanthus Cake and Cadmium Sulfide CatalystJabeen, M; Munir, M; Abbas, MM; Ahmad, M; Waseem, A; Saeed, M; Kalam, MA; Zafar, M; Sultana, S; Mohamed, A; Chaudhry, B
2022-09-01Opportunities and Challenges for Renewable Energy Utilization in PakistanAsim, M; Qamar, A; Kanwal, A; Uddin, GM; Abbas, MM; Farooq, M; Kalam, MA; Mousa, M; Shahapurkar, K
2022-09-01Effect of diesel-palm biodiesel fuel with plastic pyrolysis oil and waste cooking biodiesel on tribological characteristics of lubricating oilAwang, MSN; Zulkifli, NWM; Abbas, MM; Zulkifli, SA; Kalam, MA; Yusoff, MNAM; Daud, WMAW; Ahmad, MH
2022-09-01Tribological Analysis of Molybdenum Disulfide (MOS<inf>2</inf>) Additivated in the Castor and Mineral Oil Used in Diesel EngineHassan, MU; Usman, M; Bashir, R; Naeem Shah, A; Ijaz Malik, MA; Mujtaba, MA; Elkhatib, SE; Kalam, MA
2022-08-01Analysis of the Impact of Propanol-Gasoline Blends on Lubricant Oil Degradation and Spark-Ignition Engine CharacteristicsJamil, MK; Akhtar, M; Farooq, M; Abbas, MM; Saad,; Khuzaima, M; Ahmad, K; Kalam, MA; Abdelrahman, A
2022-08-01Efficient Production of Wild and Non-Edible Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. Seed Oil into High-Quality Biodiesel via Novel, Green and Recyclable NiSO<inf>4</inf> Nano-CatalystAkhtar, MT; Ahmad, M; Asma, M; Munir, M; Zafar, M; Sultana, S; Mujtaba, MA; Mohamed, A; Kalam, MA