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2022-12-31Randomized Kaczmarz and Landweber Algorithms for Impact Force Identification on a Composite PanelKalhori, H; Rafiee, R; Ye, L; Halkon, B; Bahmanpour, M
2021-09-01Transmissibility performance assessment for drive-by bridge inspectionMakki Alamdari, M; Chang, KC; Kim, CW; Kildashti, K; Kalhori, H
2021-02-12Inverse Dynamics Problems for a Sustainable FutureKalhori, H
2021-01-01Active vibration control in human forearm model using paired piezoelectric sensor and actuatorHosseini, SM; Kalhori, H; Al-Jumaily, A
2020-01-01Nonlinear Vibration of an Electrostatically Excited Capacitive MicroplateKalhori, H; Halkon, B; Abbasnejad, B; Li, B; Shooshtari, A
2019-06-01Hybrid reconstruction method for indirect monitoring of an ice load of a steel gate in a cold regionZhang, M; Qiu, B; Kalhori, H; Qu, X
2019-01-01Wavelet transform-based strategy for identifying impact force on a composite panelKalhori, H; Halkon, B; Alamdari, MM
2018-08-01Nothing-on-Road Axle Detection Strategies in Bridge-Weigh-in-Motion for a Cable-Stayed Bridge: Case StudyKalhori, H; Makki Alamdari, M; Zhu, X; Samali, B
2018-07-01Automated algorithm for impact force identification using cosine similarity searchingKalhori, H; Alamdari, MM; Ye, L
2017-12-01Automated Operational Modal Analysis of a Cable-Stayed BridgeSun, M; Makki Alamdari, M; Kalhori, H
2017-04-01Inverse estimation of impact force on a composite panel using a single piezoelectric sensorKalhori, H; Ye, L; Mustapha, S
2017-02-01Non-intrusive schemes for speed and axle identification in bridge-weigh-in-motion systemsKalhori, H; Makki Alamdari, M; Zhu, X; Samali, B; Mustapha, S
2017-01-01Tremor suppression in wrist joint using active force control methodHosseini, SM; Al-Jumaily, A; Kalhori, H
2016-11-01Reconstruction and Analysis of Impact Forces on a Steel-Beam-Reinforced Concrete DeckKalhori, H; Ye, L; Mustapha, S; Li, J; Li, B
2016-07-01Spectral-based damage identification in structures under ambient vibrationMakki Alamdari, M; Samali, B; Li, J; Kalhori, H; Mustapha, S
2014-01-01Impact force reconstruction on a concrete deck using a deconvolution approachKalhori, H; Ye, L; Mustapha, S; Li, J
2012-07-01Analytical solution for nonlinear free vibrations of viscoelastic microcantilevers covered with a piezoelectric layerShooshtari, A; Marzieh Hoseini, S; Nima Mahmoodi, S; Kalhori, H
2012-03-13New gasochromic system: Nanoparticles in liquidRanjbar, M; Kalhori, H; Mahdavi, SM; Zad, AI
-Concurrent Identification of Impact Location and Force Magnitude on a Composite PanelKalhori, H; Alamdari, MM; Li, B; Halkon, B; Hosseini, SM; Ye, L; Li, Z