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2024-01-06Cultural Transformations of E-commerce Consumer Behavior and Intention Toward Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) AssistantsKang, K; Alnefaie, A
2023-12-19The impact of social and cultural atmosphere on ethnic minority groups’ online entrepreneurship intention: A multi‑group analysis on the gender gapLI, L; Kang, K
2023-10-11Dissimilar Social Settings Impact on User Motivations and Activities on Live-Streaming Digital PlatformsKang, K; Li, L; Namisango, F
2023-08Examining the relationship between sociomaterial practices enacted in the organizational use of social media and the emerging role of organizational generativityNamisango, F; Kang, K; Rehman, J
2023-07-07Factors Affecting Chinese Students Promote Distance Learning On the Telecommunication Platform during the COVID-19 PandemicLi, L; Kang, K
2023-02-01Graduates’ intention to develop live commerce: The educa tional background perspective using multi-group analysisKang, K; Li, L; Sohaib, O
2023-01-31Powering National Outcomes from New Digital Technologies: An analysis of government policies to maximize the economic and social benefitsBurdon, S; Stewart, C; John, C; Bajada, C; Kang, K; Abedin, B
2023-01-01How do family support factors influence college students’ online-startup thinking?Li, L; Kang, K
2023-01-01The Impact of Group Support on College Student’s Online Business Motivation: The Uncertainty Avoidance Thinking as a Moderating FactorLi, L; Kang, K; Sohaib, O
2023-01-01Ethnic minority group college students’ liberal and conservative attitudes to online start-ups: regional difference perspectiveLi, L; Kang, K
2022-12-10An Analysis of Cultural Content on Short Video Platforms: Cultural Protection PerspectiveLI, L; Kang, K; Sohaib, O
2022-12-08Impact of opportunity and capability on e-entrepreneurial motivation: A comparison of urban and rural perspectivesLI, L; Kang, K
2022-11-23Understanding the Real-time Interaction between Middle-aged Consumers and Online Experts based on the COM-B modelLI, L; Kang, K
2022-10-17Big data, oriented-organizational culture, and business performance: A socio-technical approachAseeri, M; Kang, K
2022-08-01Social Commerce Acceptance after Post COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Women Customers: A Multi-Group Analysis of Customer AgeAndijani, A; Kang, K
2022-06-30Predicting Return to Work Following Myocardial Infarction: A Prospective Longitudinal Cohort Study.Sun, W; Gholizadeh, L; Perry, L; Kang, K
2022-06-20The Role of Cultural Attractors in Live Streaming Content: Regional Cultural Perspective Using Multi-Group AnalysisLI, L; Kang, K
2022-01-01The impact of social presence and facilitation factors on online consumers' impulse buying in live shopping – celebrity endorsement as a moderating factorLi, L; Kang, K; Zhao, A; Feng, Y
2022-01-01Impact of opportunity and capability on e-entrepreneurial motivation: a comparison of urban and rural perspectivesLi, L; Kang, K