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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Reimagining disability: the screening of donor gametes and embryos in IVFKarpin, I; Mykitiuk, R
2020-07-27Regulation of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy in AustraliaKarpin, I; Millbank, J; Eekelaar, J; George, R
2018-04-01How are complementary health professions regulated in Australia? An examination of complementary health professions in the national registration and accreditation schemeSibbritt, D; Kaye, M; Millbank, J; Stuhmcke, A; Wardle, J; Karpin, I
2018Vulnerability and the Intergenerational Transmission of Psychosocial HarmKarpin, I
2017-05-04Fit or fitting in: deciding against normal when reproducing the futureMykitiuk, R; Karpin, I
2017-05Social determinants of health and the role of lawO'Connell, K; Karpin, I; Farrell, A; Devereux, J; Karpin, I; Weller, P
2017-05Human genetics and the lawO'Connell, K; Karpin, I; Farrell, A; Devereux, J; Karpin, I; Weller, P
2017-01-01Learning from cross-border reproductionJackson, E; Millbank, J; Karpin, I; Stuhmcke, A
2017-01-01Complementary health practitioners disciplined for misconduct in Australia 2010-2016Millbank, J; Kaye, M; Stuhmcke, A; Sibbritt, D; Karpin, I; Wardle, J
2017-01-01Embryo donation and understanding of kinship: The impact of law and policyMillbank, J; Stuhmcke, A; Karpin, I
2017Regulating Emerging Reproductive TechnologiesKarpin, IA; Farrell, AM; Devereux, J; Karpin, I; Weller, P
2017Regulating ReproductionKarpin, IA; Farrell, AM; Devereux, J; Karpin, I; Weller, P
2016-08-01The failure of contemporary law and regulation to keep pace with growing complementary medicine (CM) use: The significance of examining ‘hidden’ gaps in Australia's current regulatory and legislative infrastructureSibbritt, D; Millbank, J; Stuhmcke, A; Kaye, M; Karpin, I; Wardle, J
2016-04-02Regulatory Responses to the Gendering of Transgenerational HarmKarpin, I
2015-06-19The regulation of PGD for medical sex selection and the gendering of disability in the UK and AustraliaKarpin, I
2014-01-01Regulation of assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy in AustraliaKarpin, I; Millbank, J
2013-01-01Embryo donation for reproductive use in AustraliaMillbank, J; Chandler, E; Karpin, I; Stuhmcke, A
2012-01-01The legal and relational identity of the ʼnot-yet’ generationKarpin, I
2012-01-01Perfecting pregnancy: Law, disability, and the future of reproductionKarpin, I; Savell, K
2011-09-01Death without life: Grievability and IVFEllison, DA; Karpin, I