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2017Regulating Emerging Reproductive TechnologiesKarpin, IA; Farrell, AM; Devereux, J; Karpin, I; Weller, P
2017Regulating ReproductionKarpin, IA; Farrell, AM; Devereux, J; Karpin, I; Weller, P
2017Health law and People with DisabilityKarpin, IA; Farrell, AM; Devereux, J; Karpin, IA; Weller, P
2-Jan-2016Protecting the future well: access to preconception genetic screening and testing and the right not to use itKarpin, IA
19-Jun-2015The regulation of PGD for medical sex selection and the gendering of disability in the UK and AustraliaKarpin, IA; Horsey, K
1-Jan-2014The Economic Value of Human Relationships: Cattanach v Melchior RevisitedKarpin, IA; Douglas, H; Bartlett, F; Luker, T; Hunter, R
Jan-2013Analysing IVF Participant Understanding of, Involvement in, and Control over Embryo Storage and Destruction in AustraliaKarpin, IA; Stuhmcke, AG; Millbank, J; Chandler, ER
Jan-2013Use of Stored Embryos in IVF Following Separation or Death of a PartnerStuhmcke, AG; Karpin, IA; Chandler, ER; Millbank, J
Jan-2013Rethinking Consent, Information Giving and Counselling Concerning Stored Embryos in IVF treatmentChandler, ER; Millbank, J; Stuhmcke, AG; Karpin, IA
Jan-2011Embryo Disposition and the New Death SceneEllison, D; Karpin, IA
Jan-2010Taking care of the health of the preconceived embryos or constructing legal harmKarpin, IA; Nisker, J; Baylis, F; Karpin; McLeod, C; Mykitiuk, R
Jan-2009Reproduction without women: Frankenstein and the legal prohibition of human cloningKarpin, IA; Ellison, D; Catherine Kevin
Jan-2008Constructing the Body Inside and Out:genetic and Somatic ModificationKarpin, IA; Bennett, B; Carney, TR; Karpin, I
Jan-2008The Uncanny Embryos: Revisited after the Passing of the Prohibition of Human Cloning for Reproduction and the Regulation of Human Embryo Research Amendment Act(2006)' and 'Better than Normal: choosing to self-construct' including commentaryKarpin, IA
Jan-2008Regulatory Options for Gender Equity in Health ResearchBennett, B; Karpin, IA
Jan-2006The Uncanny Embryos: Legal Limits to the Human and reproduction without WomenKarpin, IA
Jan-2005Speaking into a Silence:The Australian Constitution and the Rights of WomenKarpin, IA; O'Connell, K; Beverley Baines
Jan-2005Genetics and the Legal Conception of SelfKarpin, IA; Shildrick, M; Mykitiuk, R
Jan-2002Intimate Strangers: law, genetics, Globalisation and the 'Human Family'Karpin, IA; O'Connell, K