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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11-01Developing a revenue sharing method for an operational transfer-operate-transfer projectDu, Y; Fang, J; Ke, Y; Philbin, SP; Zhang, J
2019-10-01Public-private partnerships in non-profit hospitals: Case study of ChinaWang, K; Ke, Y; Sankaran, S
2019-07-15Managing relationships in large public projects: comparative study of China and SingaporeKe, Y; Ling, FYY; Ning, Y; Zhang, Z
2019-03-01Social responsibility initiatives for public-private partnership projects: A comparative study between China and GhanaOsei-Kyei, R; Chan, APC; Yu, Y; Chen, C; Ke, Y; Tijani, B
2019-02-28Responsible Leadership of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Adopted in Infrastructure ProjectsSankaran, S; Ke, Y; Mangioni, V; Devkar, G
2019-01-01A holistic review of public-private partnership literature published between 2008 and 2018Ma, L; Li, J; Jin, R; Ke, Y; Yuan, J
2018-11Problems and Countermeasures of Public Hospital Public-Private Partnership Projects in ChinaWang, K; Ke, Y
2018-06An Investigation of the Relationship between Opportunism and Innovation during the Build Phase in PPP ProjectsXu, X; Sankaran, S; Ke, Y; Jonsson, EI
2018-04-01Public-Private Partnerships in AustraliaKe, Y; Ye, J; Wang, T; Yang, B; Wu, C; Li, Y; Ke, Y; Peng, P
2018-01-01A comparison of public private partnership environment between Australia and ChinaKe, Y; Jefferies, M; Davis, P
2018-01-01Formation of optimal private involvement in urban rail public-private partnership projects in ChinaKe, Y
2018-01-01Public-Private Partnerships in the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in China: An Illustrative Case StudyWang, K; Ke, Y
2018-01-01Compliance within a regulatory framework in implementing public road construction projectsMwelu, N; Davis, P; Ke, Y; Watundu, S
2017-11-30Psychological Contracts in Construction: Two Case StudiesKe, Y
2017-08-01Psychological Contracts: Framework for Relationships in Construction ProcurementDavis, PR; Jefferies, M; Ke, Y
2017-01-01Factors influencing the private involvement in Urban rail public-private partnership projects in ChinaKe, Y; Hao, W; Ding, H; Wang, Y
2017An Assessment of PPP Fever in China from 2014Cheng, Z; Ke, Y; Lin, J
2017Evaluation of PPP projects in Australia and India: An Information Asymmetry PerspectiveDevkar, G; Sankaran, S; Ke, Y; Ayer, KC; Deshmukh, SG; Sawhney, A; Saha, R; Singh, SP
2016-10-01Spatio-temporal dynamics of public private partnership projects in ChinaCheng, Z; Ke, Y; Lin, J; Yang, Z; Cai, J
2016-10-01Spatio-temporal dynamics of public private partnership projects in ChinaCheng, Z; Ke, Y; Lin, J; Yang, Z; Cai, J