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27-May-2016The urban-rural divide in China's cultural industries: the case of Chinese radioLei, W; Gorfinkel, L; Sun, W; Keane, M
1-Jan-2016Adverse Selection, Moral Hazard and the Demand for Medigap InsuranceStavrunova, O; Keane, M
2016TV or not TV? Re-imagining screen content in ChinaKeane, M; Zhao, EJ
Jan-2013Comparing alternative models of heterogeneity in consumer choice behaviorKeane, M; Wasi, N
Jan-2013Discrimination in a universal health system: Explaining socioeconomic waiting times gapsJohar, M; Jones, G; Keane, M; Savage, EJ; Stavrunova, O
Jan-2013A dynamic equilibrium model of the US wage structure, 1968-1996Johnson, M; Keane, M
Jan-2012Geographic differences in hospital waiting timesJohar, M; Jones, G; Keane, M; Savage, EJ; Stavrunova, O
Jan-2012Micro and macro labor supply elasticities: A reassessment of conventional wisdomKeane, M; Rogerson, R
Jan-2011A smooth mixture of Tobits model for healthcare expenditureKeane, M; Stavrunova, O
Jan-2011The Structural Estimation of Behavioral Models: Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Methods and ApplicationsKeane, M; Todd, P; Wolpin, KI; Ashenfelter, O; Card, D
Jan-2011Waiting times for elective surgery and the decision to buy private health insuranceJohar, M; Jones, G; Keane, M; Savage, EJ; Stavrunova, O
Jan-2010A structural perspective on the experimentalist schoolKeane, M
Jan-2010Quasi-structural estimation of a model of childcare choices and child cognitive ability productionBernal, R; Keane, M
Jan-2010Money, Political Ambition and the Career Decisions of Politicians.Keane, M; Merlo, A
Jan-2010The Role of Labor and Marriage Markets, Preference Heterogeneity and the Welfare System in the Life-Cycle Decisions of Black, Hispanic and White Women.Keane, M; Wolpin, KI
Jan-2010Structural vs. atheoretic approaches to econometricsKeane, M
Jan-2010The generalised multinomial logit model: Accounting for scale and coefficient heterogeneityFiebig, DG; Keane, M; Louviere, JJ; Wasi, N
Jan-2010A computationally practical simulation estimation algorithm for dynamic panel data Mmodels with unobserved endogenous state variablesKeane, M; Sauer, R
Jan-2009Empirical applications of discrete choice dynamic programming modelsKeane, M; Wolpin, KI
Jan-2009Tariff Effects on MNC Decisions to Engage in Intra-Firm and Arms Length Trade.Feinberg, SE; Keane, M