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2018Mobile learning in pre-service teacher education: Examining the use of professional learning networks.Kearney, MD; Maher, D
2018Designing an educator toolkit for the mobile learning age.Burden, K; Kearney, MD
2016Conceptualising Authentic Mobile LearningBurden, K; Kearney, MD; Churchill, D; Lu, J; Chiu, KFT; Fox, B
2015Investigating teachers' adoption of signature mobile pedagogiesKearney, MD; Burden, K; Rai, T
Jan-2014Teachers Choosing Rich Tasks: The Moderating Impact of Technology on Student Learning, Enjoyment and PreparationAubusson, PJ; Burke, PF; Schuck, SR; Kearney, MD; Frischknecht, BD
Jan-2013Learner-generated digital video: Using ideas videos in teacher educationKearney, MD
Jan-2013Mobilising teacher education: A study of a professional learning communitySchuck, SR; Aubusson, PJ; Kearney, MD; Burden, K
Jan-2013Mobile learning in Maths teacher education: Using Ipads to support pre-service teachers' professional developmentKearney, MD; Maher, D
Jan-2012Choice at the pedagogy-technology interface: Interactive whiteboards for learningSchuck, SR; Aubusson, PJ; Kearney, MD; Frischknecht, BD; Burke, PF
Jan-2012An emerging learning design for student-generated iVideos.Kearney, MD; Jones, GC; Roberts, L
Jan-2012How iVideos Inspire Teacher Learning.Kearney, MD; Resta, P
Jan-2012Driving Pre-Service Science Teachers' TPACK Development Through Their Generative Use Of Digital VideoKearney, MD; Pressick-Kilborn, KJ; Maher, D; Resta, P
Jan-2012Viewing mobile learning from a pedagogical perspectiveKearney, MD; Schuck, SR; Burden, K; Aubusson, PJ
Jan-2012Learning beyond the classroom: Implications for school scienceAubusson, PJ; Griffin, JM; Kearney, MD; Fraser, BJ; Tobin, K; McRobbie, CJ
Jan-2011An emerging learning design for student-generated 'iVideos'Kearney, MD; Jones, GC; Roberts, L; Cameron, L; Dalziel, J
Jan-2011A Learning Design For Student-Generated Digital StorytellingKearney, MD
Jan-2010Locating mobile learning in the third spaceKearney, MD; Schuck, SR; Burden, K; Montebello, M; Camilleri, V; Dingli, A
Jan-2010Web 2.0 in the classroom? Dilemmas and opportunities inherent in adolescent web 2.0 engagement.Schuck, SR; Aubusson, PJ; Kearney, MD
Jan-2010Mobagogy - mobile learning for a higher education communitySchuck, SR; Aubusson, PJ; Kearney, MD; Burden, K; Sanchez, IA; Isaias, P
Jan-2009Towards a learning design for student-generated digital storytelling.Kearney, MD; Bennett, S; Agostinho, S; Lockyer, L