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1-Apr-2019Benthic diatoms as indicators of herbicide toxicity in rivers – A new SPEcies At Risk (SPEAR<inf>herbicides</inf>) indexWood, RJ; Mitrovic, SM; Lim, RP; Warne, MSJ; Dunlop, J; Kefford, BJ
18-Jan-2017The mayfly nymph Austrophlebioides pusillus harker defies common osmoregulatory assumptionsDowse, R; Palmer, CG; Hills, K; Torpy, F; Kefford, BJ
1-Jan-2017Chronic effects of atrazine exposure and recovery in freshwater benthic diatoms from two communities with different pollution historiesWood, RJ; Mitrovic, SM; Lim, RP; Kefford, BJ
1-Sep-2016The influence of reduced light intensity on the response of benthic diatoms to herbicide exposureWood, RJ; Mitrovic, SM; Lim, RP; Kefford, BJ
1-Jul-2016How benthic diatoms within natural communities respond to eight common herbicides with different modes of actionWood, RJ; Mitrovic, SM; Lim, RP; Kefford, BJ
1-Jul-2014Determining the relative sensitivity of benthic diatoms to atrazine using rapid toxicity testing: A novel methodWood, RJ; Mitrovic, SM; Kefford, BJ
16-Jul-2013How to Characterize Chemical Exposure to Predict Ecologic Effects on Aquatic Communities?Schaefer, RB; Gerner, N; Kefford, BJ; Rasmussen, JJ; Beketov, MA; de Zwart, D; Liess, M; von der Ohe, PC
2-Jul-2013Pesticides reduce regional biodiversity of stream invertebratesBeketov, MA; Kefford, BJ; Schaefer, RB; Liess, M
1-Jun-2013Risk assessment using the species sensitivity distribution method: Data quality versus data quantityDowse, R; Tang, D; Palmer, CG; Kefford, BJ
Feb-2013Salinisation of rivers: An urgent ecological issueCanedo-Argueelles, M; Kefford, BJ; Piscart, C; Prat, N; Schaefer, RB; Schulz, C-J
15-Dec-2012Risk assessment of episodic exposures to chemicals should consider both the physiological and the ecological sensitivities of speciesKefford, BJ; Liess, M; Warne, MSJ; Metzeling, L; Schaefer, RB
15-Oct-2012Is there an interaction of the effects of salinity and pesticides on the community structure of macroinvertebrates?Szoecs, E; Kefford, BJ; Schaefer, RB
2-May-2012Global Scale Variation in the Salinity Sensitivity of Riverine Macroinvertebrates: Eastern Australia, France, Israel and South AfricaKefford, BJ; Hickey, GL; Gasith, A; Ben-David, E; Dunlop, JE; Palmer, CG; Allan, K; Choy, SC; Piscart, C
1-May-2012Thresholds for the Effects of Pesticides on Invertebrate Communities and Leaf Breakdown in Stream EcosystemsSchaefer, RB; von der Ohe, PC; Rasmussen, J; Kefford, BJ; Beketov, MA; Schulz, R; Liess, M
15-Jan-2012Risk assessment of salinity and turbidity in Victoria (Australia) to stream insects' community structure does not always protect functional traitsKefford, BJ; Schaefer, RB; Metzeling, L
15-Jan-2012Effects of pesticide toxicity, salinity and other environmental variables on selected ecosystem functions in streams and the relevance for ecosystem servicesSchaefer, RB; Bundschuh, M; Rouch, DA; Szoecs, E; von der Ohe, PC; Pettigrove, V; Schulz, R; Nugegoda, D; Kefford, BJ
2012More on the Liang Bua finds and modern human cretinsOxnard, C; Obendorf, PJ; Kefford, BJ; Dennison, J
15-Jun-2011Modelling aquatic exposure and effects of insecticides - Application to south-eastern AustraliaBurgert, S; Schaefer, RB; Foit, K; Kattwinkel, M; Metzeling, L; MacEwan, R; Kefford, BJ; Liess, M
1-May-2011A trait database of stream invertebrates for the ecological risk assessment of single and combined effects of salinity and pesticides in South-East AustraliaSchaefer, RB; Kefford, BJ; Metzeling, L; Liess, M; Burgert, S; Marchant, R; Pettigrove, V; Goonan, P; Nugegoda, D
May-2011Are salinity tolerances of non-native macroinvertebrates in France an indicator of potential for their translocation in a new area?Piscart, C; Kefford, BJ; Beisel, J-N