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2023-05Reawakening criminology: the importance of scientific method and inquiry in policing practiceBirch, P; Kruger, E; Porter, G; Bizo, LA; Kennedy, M
2022-09Cultivating wellbeing amongst police officers: Examining challenges in the workplaceBirch, P; Vickers, MH; Galovic, S; Kennedy, M; Eterno, J; Sitckler, B; Peterson, D
2021Young people, the police and policingBirch, P; Sicard, LA; Birch, P; Kennedy, M; Kruger, E
2021A critical social justice issue of our time: Enabling police wellbeingCraven, R; Marsh, H; Ryan, RM; Atkins, P; Dickie, T; Guo, J; Gallagher, P; Van Zanden, B; Kennedy, M; Birch, P; Birch, P; Kennedy, M; Kruger, E
2021Becoming a pracademic: The importance of lifelong learning for police officer in the 21st centuryBoursnell, M; Birch, P; Birch, P; Kennedy, M; Kruger, E
2021Australian police officers and international policing practiceMoylan, K; Veljanova, I; Kennedy, M; Birch, P; Birch, P; Kennedy, M; Kruger, E
2021Examining Australian policing in the 21st centuryBirch, P; Kennedy, M; Kruger, E; Birch, P; Kennedy, M; Kruger, E
2021Hate crime: Insights into the context, setting and prevalenceBirch, P; Ireland, J; Birch, P; Kennedy, M; Kruger, E
2020-11-17Clinical trials with cannabis medicines-guidance for ethics committees, governance officers and researchers to streamline ethics applications and ensuring patient safety: considerations from the Australian experience.Martin, JH; Hill, C; Walsh, A; Efron, D; Taylor, K; Kennedy, M; Galettis, R; Lightfoot, P; Hanson, J; Irving, H; Agar, M; Lacey, J
2020-05-21Reflecting on outcome-based education for human services programs in higher education: a policing degree case studyKennedy, M; Birch, P
2018-01-23Changing the perception of police culture: recognising masculinity diversity and difference in a “dirty hands” vocationKennedy, M; Birch, P
2017Wellbeing, occupational justice and police practice: an ?affirming environment??Birch, P; Vickers, MH; Kennedy, M; Galovic, S
2016-08-08Procedural justice and frontline policing: the effects of the police complaints systemGalovic, S; Birch, P; Vickers, MH; Kennedy, M
2016-03-14The Panopticon Effect: the surveillance of police officersVickers, MH; Birch, P; Galovic, S; Kennedy, M
2012-01"Let's go down the GreenWay ..." an evaluation study of the Greenway Primary Schools Sustainability Pilot ProjectChapman, N; Rudner, J; Kennedy, M