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2023-04Learning to Manage De-escalation Through Simulation: An Exploratory StudyPower, T; Kennedy, P; Chen, H; Martinez-Maldonado, R; McGregor, C; Johnson, A; Townsend, L; Hayes, C
2023-03-13"That Student Should be a Lion Tamer!" StressViz: Designing a Stress Analytics Dashboard for TeachersAlfredo, RD; Nie, L; Kennedy, P; Power, T; Hayes, C; Chen, H; McGregor, C; Swiecki, Z; Gaševic, D; Martinez-Maldonado, R
2020-01-01Region proposal network for lung nodule detection and segmentationHesamian, MH; Jia, W; He, X; Kennedy, P
2020-01-01Classification of Neuroblastoma Histopathological Images Using Machine LearningPanta, A; Khushi, M; Naseem, U; Kennedy, P; Catchpoole, D
2020Dual Implicit Mining-Based Latent Friend RecommendationCui, L; Wu, J; Pi, D; Zhang, P; Kennedy, P
2019-08-15Deep Learning Techniques for Medical Image Segmentation: Achievements and ChallengesHesamian, MH; Jia, W; He, X; Kennedy, P
2019-07-31Effects of the number of starts on greyhound racing dynamicsMahdavi, F; Hayati, H; Kennedy, P; Eager, D
2019-07-10Ageing and resulting injuries – effects on racing greyhoundsMahdavi, F; Hayati, H; Kennedy, P; Eager, D
2019-07-01Two-dimensional immersive cohort analysis supporting personalised medical treatmentBrunker, A; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, P; Simoff, S; Nguyen, QV
2019-03Positive airway pressure for sleep-disordered breathing in acute quadriplegia: a randomised controlled trial.Berlowitz, DJ; Schembri, R; Graco, M; Ross, JM; Ayas, N; Gordon, I; Lee, B; Graham, A; Cross, SV; McClelland, M; Kennedy, P; Thumbikat, P; Bennett, C; Townson, A; Geraghty, TJ; Pieri-Davies, S; Singhal, R; Marshall, K; Short, D; Nunn, A; Mortimer, D; Brown, D; Pierce, RJ; Cistulli, PA; COSAQ Collaborative,
2019-01-01Queue Formation Augmented with Particle Swarm Optimisation to Improve Waiting Time in Airport Security ScreeningNaji, M; Al-Ani, A; Braytee, A; Anaissi, A; Kennedy, P
2018-01-01Track shape, resulting dynamics and injury rates of greyhoundsMahdavi, F; Imam Hossain, M; Hayati, H; Eager, D; Kennedy, P
2018-01-01Convolutional deep belief network with feature encoding for classification of neuroblastoma histological imagesGheisari, S; Catchpoole, D; Charlton, A; Kennedy, P
2018-01-01A simple spring-loaded inverted pendulum (SLIP) model of a bio-inspired quadrupedal robot over compliant terrainsHayati, H; Walker, P; Brown, T; Kennedy, P; Eager, D
2016-07-11Human-directed aggression by pet dogs: a preliminary studyBirch, P; Kennedy, P
2016-01-01A cost-sensitive learning strategy for feature extraction from imbalanced dataBraytee, A; Liu, W; Kennedy, P
2014-01-01Systematic review of leisure therapy and its effectiveness in managing functional outcomes in stroke rehabilitationDorstyn, D; Roberts, R; Kneebone, I; Kennedy, P; Lieu, C
2013A balanced iterative random forest for gene selection from microarray dataAnaissi, AH; Kennedy, P; Goyal, M; Catchpoole, D
2012-07-16Using artificial intelligence to build with unprocessed rockLambert, M; Kennedy, P
2012Evaluating high-throughput ab initio gene finders to discover proteins encoded in eukaryotic pathogen genomes missed by laboratory techniquesGoodswen, S; Kennedy, P; Ellis, J