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29-Nov-2017DBNorm: normalizing high-density oligonucleotide microarray data based on distributions.Meng, Q; Catchpoole, D; Skillicorn, D; Kennedy, PJ
Oct-2017On the application of reverse vaccinology to parasitic diseases: a perspective on feature selection and ranking of vaccine candidates.Goodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
31-Oct-2016Training deep neural networks on imbalanced data setsWang, S; Liu, W; Wu, J; Cao, L; Meng, Q; Kennedy, PJ
15-Jun-2016Ensemble Feature Learning of Genomic Data Using Support Vector Machine.Anaissi, A; Goyal, M; Catchpoole, DR; Braytee, A; Kennedy, PJ
2016Balanced Supervised Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Childhood Leukaemia PatientsBraytee, A; Catchpoole, DR; Kennedy, PJ; Liu, W
19-Mar-2015Case-based retrieval framework for gene expression data.Anaissi, A; Goyal, M; Catchpoole, DR; Braytee, A; Kennedy, PJ
4-Mar-2015Improving the gene structure annotation of the apicomplexan parasite Neospora caninum fulfils a vital requirement towards an in silico-derived vaccineGoodswen, SJ; Barratt, JLN; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
1-Jan-2015A Review and comparison of service E-Contract Architecture MetamodelsBraytee, A; Gill, AQ; Kennedy, PJ; Hussain, FK
2015Link prediction and topological feature importance in social networksCuriskis, SA; Osborn, TR; Kennedy, PJ
2015ABC-Sampling for balancing imbalanced datasets based on Artificial Bee Colony algorithmBraytee, A; Hussain, F; Anaissi, A; Kennedy, PJ
Jan-2014Discovering a vaccine against neosporosis using computers: is it feasible?Goodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
Jan-2014Vacceed: a high-throughput in silico vaccine candidate discovery pipeline for eukaryotic pathogens based on reverse vaccinologyGoodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
Jan-2014Enhancing in silico protein-based vaccine discovery for eukaryotic pathogens using predicted peptide-MHC binding and peptide conservation scores.Goodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
Jan-2014Cellular quantitative analysis of neuroblastoma tumor and splitting overlapping cells.Tafavogh, S; Catchpoole, DR; Kennedy, PJ
27-Aug-2013A balanced iterative random forest for gene selection from microarray dataAnaissi, A; Kennedy, PJ; Goyal, M; Catchpoole, DR
Jan-2013NARGES: Prediction Model for Informed Routing in a Communications NetworkHomayounfard, H; Kennedy, PJ; Braun, RM; Pei; J; Tseng; S, V; Cao; L; Motoda; H; Xu; Eds, G
Jan-2013A novel strategy for classifying the output from an in silico vaccine discovery pipeline for eukaryotic pathogens using machine learning algorithmsGoodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
Jan-2013Discovering Influential Authors in Heterogeneous Academic Networks by a Co-ranking MethodMeng, Q; Kennedy, PJ; None?
Jan-2013A guide to in silico vaccine discovery for eukaryotic pathogensGoodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
Jan-2013A review of the infection, genetics, and evolution of Neospora caninum: from the past to the presentGoodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT