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2023-05-22A state-of-the-art methodology for high-throughput in silico vaccine discovery against protozoan parasites and exemplified with discovered candidates for Toxoplasma gondii.Goodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2023-02-20A guide to current methodology and usage of reverse vaccinology towards in silico vaccine discovery.Goodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2022-07-05Virtual reality for the observation of oncology models (VROOM): immersive analytics for oncology patient cohorts.Lau, CW; Qu, Z; Draper, D; Quan, R; Braytee, A; Bluff, A; Zhang, D; Johnston, A; Kennedy, PJ; Simoff, S; Nguyen, QV; Catchpoole, D
2022-06-20Compilation of parasitic immunogenic proteins from 30 years of published research using machine learning and natural language processing.Goodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2022-06-01Unsupervised Domain-Adaptation-Based Tensor Feature Learning With Structure PreservationBraytee, A; Naji, M; Kennedy, PJ
2022-03Identification of differentially distributed gene expression and distinct sets of cancer-related genes identified by changes in mean and variability.Roberts, AGK; Catchpoole, DR; Kennedy, PJ
2022-01-14Identification of differentially distributed gene expression and distinct sets of cancer-related genes identified by changes in expression mean and variabilityRoberts, AGK; Catchpoole, DR; Kennedy, PJ
2022-01-01Beyond Topics: Discovering Latent Healthcare Objectives from Event SequencesCaruana, A; Bandara, M; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, PJ; Long, G; Yu, X; Wang, S
2022-01-01Review of Innovative Immersive Technologies for Healthcare ApplicationsQu, Z; Lau, CW; Simoff, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Nguyen, QV; Catchpoole, DR
2022-01-01Enhancing Understandability of Omics Data with SHAP, Embedding Projections and Interactive VisualisationsQu, Z; Tegegne, Y; Simoff, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Catchpoole, DR; Nguyen, QV
2021-12-11MCKAT: a multi-dimensional copy number variant kernel association test.Maus Esfahani, N; Catchpoole, D; Khan, J; Kennedy, PJ
2021-11-26SMCKAT, a Sequential Multi-Dimensional CNV Kernel-Based Association Test.Maus Esfahani, N; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, PJ
2021-10-29Transfer learning approaches to recognize X-ray Covid–19 imagesTran, HV; Ngo, AT; Kennedy, PJ
2021-07-23Predicting Protein Therapeutic Candidates for Bovine Babesiosis Using Secondary Structure Properties and Machine LearningGoodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2021-05-27Applying Machine Learning to Predict the Exportome of Bovine and Canine Babesia Species That Cause BabesiosisGoodswen, SJ; Kennedy, PJ; Ellis, JT
2021-03-25The Untapped Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Screening in Developing Countries: A Critical Commentary of DeepMindLogan, J; Kennedy, PJ; Catchpoole, D
2021-03-16Machine learning and applications in microbiologyGoodswen, SJ; Barratt, JLN; Kennedy, PJ; Kaufer, A; Calarco, L; Ellis, JT
2021-01-21A combined convolutional and recurrent neural network for enhanced glaucoma detection.Gheisari, S; Shariflou, S; Phu, J; Kennedy, PJ; Agar, A; Kalloniatis, M; Golzan, SM
2021-01-01Feature prioritisation on big genomic data for analysing gene-gene interactionsAloqaily, AA; Tafavogh, S; Harvey, BL; Catchpoole, DR; Kennedy, PJ
2021-01-01Message from the AI-CLRA 2021 Workshop ChairsBandara, M; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, PJ