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2022-12-17The Australian Twins Economic Preferences Survey.Kettlewell, N; Tymula, A
2022-09-16Retirement, social support and mental well-being: a couple-level analysis.Kettlewell, N; Lam, J
2021-12The increasing cost of happiness.Morris, RW; Kettlewell, N; Glozier, N
2021-09-21Depression, Risk Preferences and Risk–taking Behavior*Cobb-Clark, DA; Dahmann, SC; Kettlewell, N
2021-09-09The Effect of Quarantining Welfare on School Attendance in Indigenous CommunitiesCobb-Clark, DA; Kettlewell, N; Schurer, S; Silburn, S
2021-05-17The informational content of subjective expectations for health service use.Kettlewell, N
2021-01Psychological, social and cognitive resources and the mental wellbeing of the poor.Cobb-Clark, DA; Kettlewell, N
2020-04-01The differential impact of major life events on cognitive and affective wellbeingKettlewell, N; Morris, RW; Ho, N; Cobb-Clark, DA; Cripps, S; Glozier, N
2020-04Family formation and the demand for health insurance.Doiron, D; Kettlewell, N
2020-01-01Policy Choice and Product Bundling in a Complicated Health Insurance Market →Kettlewell, N
2019-12-01Utilization and Selection in an Ancillaries Health Insurance MarketKettlewell, N
2019-06-01Risk preference dynamics around life eventsKettlewell, N
2019-02-01Area-specific subsidies and population dynamics: Evidence from the Australian zone tax offsetKettlewell, N; Yerokhin, O
2018-06-01The Effect of Health Insurance on the Substitution between Public and Private Hospital CareDoiron, D; Kettlewell, N
2018-01-19Premium subsidies and demand for private health insurance: results from a regression discontinuity designKettlewell, N; Stavrunova, O; Yerokhin, O
2010-12-01The impact of rural to urban migration on wellbeing in AustraliaKettlewell, N