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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-10-01Mapping the development of various solar thermal technologies with hype cycle analysisDehghanimadvar, M; Shirmohammadi, R; Ahmadi, F; Aslani, A; Khalilpour, KR
2021-07-01Network of networks: A bibliometric analysisKarimi, F; Green, D; Matous, P; Varvarigos, M; Khalilpour, KR
2021-04Co-production of electricity and hydrogen from wind: A comprehensive scenario-based techno-economic analysisRezaei, M; Khalilpour, KR; Mohamed, MA
2021-01-01Biogas as an energy vectorRafiee, A; Khalilpour, KR; Prest, J; Skryabin, I
2020-11-27Multi-criteria location identification for wind/solar based hydrogen generation: The case of capital cities of a developing countryRezaei, M; Khalilpour, KR; Jahangiri, M
2020-08-01Generic techno-economic optimization methodology for concurrent design and operation of solvent-based PCC processesKhalilpour, KR; Zafaranloo, A
2020-05-15Network capacity charge for sustainability and energy equity: A model-based analysisKhalilpour, KR; Lusis, P
2020-05Network capacity charge for sustainability and energy equity: A model-based analysisKhalilpour, KR; Lusis, P
2020-03-01Hydrogen as an energy vectorAbdin, Z; Zafaranloo, A; Rafiee, A; Mérida, W; Lipiński, W; Khalilpour, KR
2020-03Retrospective and prospective of the hydrogen supply chain: A longitudinal techno-historical analysisKhalilpour, KR; Pace, R; Karimi, F
2020-01-01Maximizing the profitability of integrated Fischer-Tropsch GTL process with ammonia and urea synthesis using response surface methodologyZiaei, M; Panahi, M; Fanaei, MA; Rafiee, A; Khalilpour, KR
2019-10-01A multi-objective extended input–output model for a regional economyRojas Sánchez, D; Hoadley, AFA; Khalilpour, KR
2019-01-23Integrated Power-to-Gas and Gas-to-Power with Air and Natural-Gas StorageKhalilpour, KR; Grossmann, IE; Vassallo, A
2019-01-01Design and Operational Management of Energy Hubs: A DS4S (Screening, Selection, Sizing, and Scheduling) FrameworkKhalilpour, KR
2019-01-01The Nexus Era: Toward an Integrated, Interconnected, Decentralized, and Prosumer FutureKhalilpour, KR
2019-01-01Polyfeed and Polyproduct Integrated Gasification SystemsParraga, J; Khalilpour, KR; Vassallo, A
2019-01-01Interconnected Electricity and Natural Gas Supply Chains: The Roles of Power to Gas and Gas to PowerKhalilpour, KR
2019-01-01Energy Hubs and Polygeneration Systems: A Social Network AnalysisKarimi, F; Khalilpour, KR
2019-01-01The Transition From X% to 100% Renewable Future: Perspective and ProspectiveKhalilpour, KR
2019-01-01Renewable Hybridization of Oil and Gas Supply ChainsRafiee, A; Khalilpour, KR