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2023-11-28Embracing paradox and contingency: integration mechanisms for ambidextrous innovation portfolio managementKillen, CP; Sankaran, S; Knapp, M; Stevens, C
2023-09-01How do project-oriented organizations enhance innovation? An institutional theory perspectiveSankaran, S; Killen, CP; Pitsis, A
2023-01-01Dynamic Capability through Project Portfolio ManagementKillen, CP
2023-01-01Enabling Collaborative Research in Project Management by Creating Gioia Data Structures as a Boundary ObjectSankaran, S; Clegg, SR; Killen, CP; Smyth, H; Scales, J
2021-12Stop sanitizing project management education: Embracing Desirable Difficulties to enhance practice-relevant online learningvan der Hoorn, B; Killen, CP
2021-02-01Special issue: Managing open and user innovation by projects: Sensing, seizing and transformingKeinz, P; Hienerth, C; Gemünden, HG; Killen, CP; Sicotte, H
2021-01-01Preparing project managers for the human aspects of project work: fostering sensemaking abilitiesvan der Hoorn, B; Killen, CP
2019Project portfolio management: A landscape of the literatureCauchick-Miguel, PA; Killen, CP; Yamakawa, EK; Sousa-Zomer, TT
2018-11-01The use of effectuation in projects: The influence of business case control, portfolio monitoring intensity and project innovativenessNguyen, NM; Killen, CP; Kock, A; Gemünden, HG
2018-08-06R&D portfolio management practices in Brazilian electric power utilitiesYamakawa, EK; Sousa-Zomer, TT; Cauchick-Miguel, PA; Killen, CP
2018-07-01Practices, projects and portfolios: Current research trends and new directionsClegg, S; Killen, CP; Biesenthal, C; Sankaran, S
2017-06-21The Use of Effectuation in Projects: The Influence of Business Case Control, Portfolio Monitoring Intensity and Project InnovativenessNguyen, NM; Killen, CP; Kock, A; Gemuenden, HG
2017-06-11Making sense of project portfolio value in practiceAng, CS; Killen, CP; Sankaran, S; Kanbar, V
2017-05-01The role of project portfolio management in fostering both deliberate and emergent strategyKopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemünden, HG
2017-01-01Project portfolio management: A dynamic capability and strategic assetKillen, CP; Drouin, N
2017-01-01Managing portfolio interdependencies: The effects of visual data representations on project portfolio decision makingKillen, CP
2017-01-01Project portfolio management: The linchpin in strategy processesKopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP
2016-04-01Project and Innovation Management: Bridging Contemporary Trends in Theory and PracticeMidler, C; Killen, CP; Kock, A
2016-01-01Cues: How power influences behaviour in project portfolio managementWynn, C; Smith, L; Killen, CP
2015-11-01Business Case Control in Project Portfolios - An Empirical Investigation of Performance Consequences and Moderating EffectsKopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemunden, HG