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1-Nov-2018The use of effectuation in projects: The influence of business case control, portfolio monitoring intensity and project innovativenessNguyen, NM; Killen, CP; Kock, A; Gemünden, HG
6-Aug-2018R&D portfolio management practices in Brazilian electric power utilitiesYamakawa, EK; Sousa-Zomer, TT; Cauchick-Miguel, PA; Killen, CP
1-Jul-2018Practices, projects and portfolios: Current research trends and new directionsClegg, S; Killen, CP; Biesenthal, C; Sankaran, S
21-Jun-2017The Use of Effectuation in Projects: The Influence of Business Case Control, Portfolio Monitoring Intensity and Project InnovativenessNguyen, NM; Killen, CP; Kock, A; Gemuenden, HG
1-May-2017The role of project portfolio management in fostering both deliberate and emergent strategyKopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemünden, HG
1-Jan-2017Project portfolio management: The linchpin in strategy processesKopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP
1-Jan-2017Project portfolio management: A dynamic capability and strategic assetKillen, CP; Drouin, N
1-Jan-2017Managing portfolio interdependencies: The effects of visual data representations on project portfolio decision makingKillen, CP
1-Apr-2016Project and Innovation Management: Bridging Contemporary Trends in Theory and PracticeMidler, C; Killen, CP; Kock, A
1-Jan-2016Cues: How power influences behaviour in project portfolio managementWynn, C; Smith, L; Killen, CP
1-Nov-2015Business Case Control in Project Portfolios - An Empirical Investigation of Performance Consequences and Moderating EffectsKopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemunden, HG
22-Jun-2015Unanticipated value creation: Sensemaking and the value spectrum in partnership projectsAng, KCS; Killen, CP; Sankaran, S
17-Jun-2015Value constructs in multi-stakeholder environments that influence project portfolio decision makingAng, KC; Killen, CP; Sankaran, S
1-Jan-2015Time to make space for practice-based research in project portfolio managementKillen, CP; Clegg, S; Biesenthal, C; Sankaran, S
1-Jan-2015Organizational Agility through Project Portfolio ManagementKillen, CP; Levin, G; Wyzalek, J
4-Feb-2014A comparison of the effectiveness of entrepreneurial education approachesLogan, J; Killen, CP
1-Jan-2014Value management in project portfolios: Identifying and assessing strategic valueMartinsuo, M; Killen, CP
2014The Role of Innovation Portfolio Management in the Nexus between Deliberate and Emergent Innovation StrategiesKopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemuenden, HG; EIASM
2014Business Case Control: The Key to Project Portfolio Success or Merely a Matter of Form?Kopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemuenden, HG; EURAM
18-Jan-2013Robust project portfolio management: capability evolution and maturityKillen, CP; Hunt, RA