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2023-03-23Receipt of Mental Health Treatment in People Living With Stroke: Associated Factors and Long-Term Outcomes.Tjokrowijoto, P; Stolwyk, RJ; Ung, D; Kneebone, I; Kilkenny, MF; Kim, J; Olaiya, MT; Dalli, LL; Cadilhac, DA; Nelson, MR; Lannin, NA; Andrew, NE; PRECISE Investigators,
2022-11-15Design and Evaluation Challenges of Conversational Agents in Health Care and Well-being: Selective Review Study.Kocaballi, AB; Sezgin, E; Clark, L; Carroll, JM; Huang, Y; Huh-Yoo, J; Kim, J; Kocielnik, R; Lee, Y-C; Mamykina, L; Mitchell, EG; Moore, RJ; Murali, P; Mynatt, ED; Park, SY; Pasta, A; Richards, D; Silva, LM; Smriti, D; Spillane, B; Zhang, Z; Zubatiy, T
2022-11-01Cascaded Reinforcement Learning Agents for Large Action Spaces in Autonomous Penetration TestingTran, K; Standen, M; Kim, J; Bowman, D; Richer, T; Akella, A; Lin, CT
2022-09-09Efficient Clustering for Continuous Occupancy Mapping Using a Mixture of Gaussian Processes.Kim, S; Kim, J
2022-07-05Mitigation of fouling and wetting in membrane distillation by electrical repulsion using a multi-layered single-wall carbon nanotube/polyvinylidene fluoride membraneKim, J; Yun, ET; Tijing, L; Shon, HK; Hong, S
2022-06Results of the COMPARE trial of Constraint-induced or Multimodality Aphasia Therapy compared with usual care in chronic post-stroke aphasia.Rose, ML; Nickels, L; Copland, D; Togher, L; Godecke, E; Meinzer, M; Rai, T; Cadilhac, DA; Kim, J; Hurley, M; Foster, A; Carragher, M; Wilcox, C; Pierce, JE; Steel, G
2022-04-01Elucidation of physicochemical scaling mechanisms in membrane distillation (MD): Implication to the control of inorganic foulingKim, J; Kim, HW; Tijing, LD; Shon, HK; Hong, S
2022-03-01The Impact of Same versus Different Price Presentation on Travel Choice and the Moderating Role of Childhood Socioeconomic StatusGiroux, M; Franklin, D; Kim, J; Park, J; Kwak, K
2022-03-01Image based Localization under large perspective difference between Sfm and SLAM using split sim(3) optimizationRajamohan, D; Kim, J; Garratt, M; Pickering, M
2022-01-01Comparison Between MATLAB Bundle Adjustment Function and Parallax Bundle AdjustmentByun, H; Zhao, L; Kim, J; Huang, S
2022-01-01An Incremental Robust Underwater Navigation with Expectation-MaximisationHassan, S; Kim, J; Huang, S
2022Older adults' emotion recognition: No auditory-visual benefit for less clear expressions.Simonetti, S; Davis, C; Kim, J
2022Economic Evaluation of the Palliative Care Home Support Packages ProgramJosephine, SFC; Kim, J; Janeane, H; Meera, A
2021-12-01Interpretable Fuzzy Logic Control for Multirobot Coordination in a Cluttered EnvironmentChang, YC; Shi, Y; Dostovalova, A; Cao, Z; Kim, J; Gibbons, D; Lin, CT
2021-11-16Uncertainty Estimation of Dense Optical Flow for Robust Visual Navigation.Ng, Y; Li, H; Kim, J
2021-09-02Depth-Camera-Aided Inertial Navigation Utilizing Directional Constraints.Qayyum, U; Kim, J
2021-04-23Statistical analysis plan for the COMPARE trial: a 3-arm randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of Constraint-induced Aphasia Therapy Plus and Multi-modality Aphasia Therapy to usual care in chronic post-stroke aphasia (COMPARE)Rose, ML; Rai, T; Copland, D; Nickels, L; Togher, L; Meinzer, M; Godecke, E; Kim, J; Cadilhac, DA; Hurley, M; Wilcox, C; Carragher, M
2021-02-12Surface properties and the perception of colorIsherwood, ZJ; Huynh-Thu, Q; Arnison, M; Monaghan, D; Toscani, M; Perry, S; Honson, V; Kim, J
2021-02-01Review on pretreatment techniques to improve anaerobic digestion of sewage sludgeKhanh Nguyen, V; Kumar Chaudhary, D; Hari Dahal, R; Hoang Trinh, N; Kim, J; Chang, SW; Hong, Y; Duc La, D; Nguyen, XC; Hao Ngo, H; Chung, WJ; Nguyen, DD