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2021-04-23Statistical analysis plan for the COMPARE trial: a 3-arm randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of Constraint-induced Aphasia Therapy Plus and Multi-modality Aphasia Therapy to usual care in chronic post-stroke aphasia (COMPARE)Rose, ML; Rai, T; Copland, D; Nickels, L; Togher, L; Meinzer, M; Godecke, E; Kim, J; Cadilhac, DA; Hurley, M; Wilcox, C; Carragher, M
2021-02-12Surface properties and the perception of colorIsherwood, ZJ; Huynh-Thu, Q; Arnison, M; Monaghan, D; Toscani, M; Perry, S; Honson, V; Kim, J
2020-12Unit dual quaternion‐based pose optimisation for visual runway observationsBrambley, G; Kim, J
2020-04-02Enhanced 3D Point Cloud from a Light Field ImageFarhood, H; Perry, S; Cheng, E; Kim, J
2020-04-013D point cloud reconstruction from a single 4D light field imageFarhood, H; Perry, S; Cheng, E; Kim, J
2020-03Prediction of Heart Failure Symptoms and Health-Related Quality of Life at 12 Months From Baseline Modifiable Factors in Patients With Heart Failure.Heo, S; Moser, DK; Lennie, TA; Fischer, M; Kim, J; Walsh, MN; Ounpraseuth, S; Turrise, S
2020-01-01Intelligent Multirobot Navigation and Arrival-Time Control Using a Scalable PSO-Optimized Hierarchical ControllerChang, Y-C; Dostovalova, A; Lin, C-T; Kim, J
2019-12-01Erratum to: Germline variation at 8q24 and prostate cancer risk in men of European ancestry (Nature Communications, (2018), 9, 1, (4616), 10.1038/s41467-018-06863-1)Matejcic, M; Saunders, EJ; Dadaev, T; Brook, MN; Wang, K; Sheng, X; Olama, AAA; Schumacher, FR; Ingles, SA; Govindasami, K; Benlloch, S; Berndt, SI; Albanes, D; Koutros, S; Muir, K; Stevens, VL; Gapstur, SM; Tangen, CM; Batra, J; Clements, J; Gronberg, H; Pashayan, N; Schleutker, J; Wolk, A; West, C; Mucci, L; Kraft, P; Cancel-Tassin, G; Sorensen, KD; Maehle, L; Grindedal, EM; Strom, SS; Neal, DE; Hamdy, FC; Donovan, JL; Travis, RC; Hamilton, RJ; Rosenstein, B; Lu, YJ; Giles, GG; Kibel, AS; Vega, A; Bensen, JT; Kogevinas, M; Penney, KL; Park, JY; Stanford, JL; Cybulski, C; Nordestgaard, BG; Brenner, H; Maier, C; Kim, J; Teixeira, MR; Neuhausen, SL; De Ruyck, K; Razack, A; Newcomb, LF; Lessel, D; Kaneva, R; Usmani, N; Claessens, F; Townsend, PA; Gago-Dominguez, M; Roobol, MJ; Menegaux, F; Khaw, KT; Cannon-Albright, LA; Pandha, H; Thibodeau, SN; Schaid, DJ; Henderson, BE; Stern, MC; Thwaites, A; Guy, M; Whitmore, I; Morgan, A; Fisher, C; Hazel, S; Livni, N; Cook, M; Fachal, L; Weinstein, S; Beane Freeman, LE; Hoover, RN; Machiela, MJ; Lophatananon, A; Carter, BD; Goodman, P; Moya, L; Srinivasan, S; Kedda, MA; Yeadon, T; Eckert, A; Eklund, M; Cavalli-Bjoerkman, C; Dunning, AM; Sipeky, C; Hakansson, N; Elliott, R; Ranu, H
2019-12-01Constraint-induced or multi-modal personalized aphasia rehabilitation (COMPARE): A randomized controlled trial for stroke-related chronic aphasiaRose, ML; Copland, D; Nickels, L; Togher, L; Meinzer, M; Rai, T; Cadilhac, DA; Kim, J; Foster, A; Carragher, M; Hurley, M; Godecke, E
2019-11-01Predicting Biopsy Outcomes During Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: External Validation of the Canary Prostate Active Surveillance Study Risk Calculators in Five Large Active Surveillance CohortsDrost, FJH; Nieboer, D; Morgan, TM; Carroll, PR; Roobol, MJ; Trock, B; Ehdaie, B; Carroll, P; Filson, C; Kim, J; Logothetis, C; Morgan, T; Klotz, L; Pickles, T; Hyndman, E; Moore, CM; Gnanapragasam, V; Van Hemelrijck, M; Dasgupta, P; Bangma, C; Roobol, M; Villers, A; Rannikko, A; Valdagni, R; Perry, A; Hugosson, J; Rubio-Briones, J; Bjartell, A; Hefermehl, L; Shiong, LL; Frydenberg, M; Kakehi, Y; Chung, BH; van der Kwast, T; van der Linden, W; Hulsen, T; de Jonge, C; Kattan, M; Xinge, J; Muir, K; Lophatananon, A; Fahey, M; Steyerberg, E; Zhang, L; Beckmann, K; Denton, B; Hayen, A; Boutros, P; Guo, W; Benfante, N; Cowan, J; Patil, D; Tolosa, E; Kim, TK; Mamedov, A; Lapointe, V; Crump, T; Kimberly-Duffell, J; Santaolalla, A; Olivier, J; Rancati, T; Ahlgren, H; Mascarós, J; Löfgren, A; Lin, CH; Hirama, H; Lee, KS; Jenster, G; Auvinen, A; Haider, M; van Bochove, K; Carter, B; Gledhill, S; Buzza, M; Bruinsma, S; Helleman, J
2019-10-15Cold-cathode X-ray irradiation pre-treatment for fouling control of reverse osmosis (RO)in shale gas produced water (SGPW)treatmentKim, J; Lim, J; Lee, S; Lee, C; Hong, S
2019-10Intelligent Multi-agent Coordination and LearningChang, Y-C; Dostovalova, A; Lin, C-T; Kim, J
2019-07-30Evolution of cooperation in synergistically evolving dynamic interdependent networks: Fundamental advantages of coordinated network evolutionYang, Z; Yu, C; Kim, J; Li, Z; Wang, L
2019-06-20The Influence Of Variety-of-options On Consumers’ Attitudes Toward The Store And Its Sub-categoryKwak, K; Kim, J; Kim, J-E
2019-06-01Control Design and Stability Analysis of a Two-Infectious-State Awareness Epidemic ModelLi, Z; Hong, J; Kim, J; Yu, C
2019-06-01Control design and analysis of an epidemic seiv model upon adaptive networkLi, Z; Hong, J; Kim, J; Yu, C
2019-05-20IN2LAMA: INertial Lidar Localisation And MappingLe Gentil, C; Vidal Calleja, T; Huang, S; Howard, A; Althoefer, K; Arai, F; Arrichiello, F; Caputo, B; Castellanos, J; Hauser, K; Isler, V; Kim, J; Liu, H; Oh, P; Santos, V; Scaramuzza, D; Ude, A; Voyles, R; Yamane, K; Okamura, A
2019-04-15Evaluation of ethanol as draw solute for forward osmosis (FO) process of highly saline (waste)waterKim, J; Lim, J; Hong, S
2019-04-03Charge variants characterization and release assay development for co-formulated antibodies as a combination therapyCao, M; De Mel, N; Shannon, A; Prophet, M; Wang, C; Xu, W; Niu, B; Kim, J; Albarghouthi, M; Liu, D; Meinke, E; Lin, S; Wang, X; Wang, J
2019-01-01Enhancement of thermoelectric properties of La-doped SrTiO<inf>3</inf> bulk by introducing nanoscale porosityAhmed, AJ; Nazrul Islam, SMK; Hossain, R; Kim, J; Kim, M; Billah, M; Hossain, MSA; Yamauchi, Y; Wang, X