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2022-08-01A Study on the Evaluation Methods of Nitrogen Oxide Removal Performance of Photocatalytic Concrete for Outdoor ApplicationsPark, HJ; Hossain, SM; Choi, K; Shon, HK; Kim, JH
2022-03-01Preparation of effective lithium-ion sieve from sludge-generated TiO<inf>2</inf>Hossain, SM; Ibrahim, I; Choo, Y; Razmjou, A; Naidu, G; Tijing, L; Kim, JH; Shon, HK
2021-08-17Using qPCR and high-resolution sensor data to model a multi-species Pseudo-nitzschia (Bacillariophyceae) bloom in southeastern Australia.Ajani, PA; Verma, A; Kim, JH; Woodcock, S; Nishimura, T; Farrell, H; Zammit, A; Brett, S; Murray, SA
2021-01-01Sulfuric acid treated G-CN as a precursor to generate high-efficient G-CN for hydrogen evolution from water under visible light irradiationKang, HJ; Lee, TG; Bari, GAKMR; Seo, HW; Park, JW; Hwang, HJ; An, BH; Suzuki, N; Fujishima, A; Kim, JH; Shon, HK; Jun, YS
2021-01-01Facile synthesis and characterization of anatase TiO<inf>2</inf>/g-CN composites for enhanced photoactivity under UV–visible spectrumHossain, SM; Park, H; Kang, HJ; Mun, JS; Tijing, L; Rhee, I; Kim, JH; Jun, YS; Shon, HK
2020-12-10Compressed Pseudo-SLAM: Pseudorange Integrated Generalised Compressed SLAMKim, JH; Byun, H; Guivant, J; Johansen, TA
2020-12-10Cascaded Nonlinear Attitude Observer and Simultaneous Localisation and MappingKim, JH; Bhambhani, Y; Byun, H; Johansen, TA
2020-11-01Modified hydrothermal route for synthesis of photoactive anatase tio<inf>2</inf> /g-cn nanotubes from sludge generated tio<inf>2</inf>Hossain, SM; Park, H; Kang, HJ; Mun, JS; Tijing, L; Rhee, I; Kim, JH; Jun, YS; Shon, HK
2020-10-12Optical Repumping of Resonantly Excited Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron NitrideWhite, SJU; Duong, NMH; Solntsev, AS; Kim, JH; Kianinia, M; Aharonovich, I
2020-04-01Preparation and characterization of photoactive anatase TiO<inf>2</inf> from algae bloomed surface waterHossain, SM; Park, H; Kang, HJ; Kim, JB; Tijing, L; Rhee, I; Jun, YS; Shon, HK; Kim, JH
2020-01Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Shocks and Psychological Distress: Examining the Mediating Roles of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator-Related Concerns and Perceived Control.Lee, KS; Kim, JH; Kang, K-W; Miller, J; McEvedy, SM; Hwang, SY; Moser, DK
2019-12-01Field application and validity of a red-tide acoustic sensing system (RASS) for monitoring and alerting of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in Korean coastal watersKim, JH; Kim, H; Kang, D; Lim, YK; Ajani, P; Jung, SW; Baek, SH
2019-11-15Preparation and characterization of TiO<inf>2</inf> generated from synthetic wastewater using TiCl<inf>4</inf> based coagulation/flocculation aided with Ca(OH)<inf>2</inf>Hossain, SM; Park, MJ; Park, HJ; Tijing, L; Kim, JH; Shon, HK
2019-11-01The accuracy and precision of the KIM motion monitoring system used in the multi-institutional TROG 15.01 Stereotactic Prostate Ablative Radiotherapy with KIM (SPARK) trialHewson, EA; Nguyen, DT; O’Brien, R; Kim, JH; Montanaro, T; Moodie, T; Greer, PB; Hardcastle, N; Eade, T; Kneebone, A; Hruby, G; Hayden, AJ; Turner, S; Siva, S; Tai, KH; Hunter, P; Sams, J; Poulsen, PR; Booth, JT; Martin, J; Keall, PJ
2019-08-15Recyclable nanoscale zerovalent iron (nZVI)-immobilized electrospun nanofiber composites with improved mechanical strength for groundwater remediationRen, J; Yao, M; Woo, YC; Tijing, LD; Kim, JH; Shon, HK
2019-02-01TiO₂-Coated Optical Fibres for Groundwater RemediationKatz, A; Shon, HK; Chekli, L; Kim, JH
2018-08-21Diagnostic accuracy of diagnostic imaging for lumbar disc herniation in adults with low back pain or sciatica is unknown; A systematic reviewKim, JH; van Rijn, RM; van Tulder, MW; Koes, BW; de Boer, MR; Ginai, AZ; Ostelo, RWGJ; van der Windt, DAMW; Verhagen, AP
2018-03-21Site-Selective, Two-Photon Plasmonic Nanofocusing on a Single Quantum Dot for Near-Roomerature OperationGong, SH; Kim, S; Kim, JH; Cho, JH; Cho, YH
2018-02-01The accuracy and precision of Kilovoltage Intrafraction Monitoring (KIM) six degree-of-freedom prostate motion measurements during patient treatmentsKim, JH; Nguyen, DT; Booth, JT; Huang, CY; Fuangrod, T; Poulsen, P; O'Brien, R; Caillet, V; Eade, T; Kneebone, A; Keall, P
2018-01-01An interdimensional correlation framework for real-time estimation of six degree of freedom target motion using a single x-ray imager during radiotherapyNguyen, DT; Bertholet, J; Kim, JH; O'Brien, R; Booth, JT; Poulsen, PR; Keall, PJ