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2023-02-01Shrinkage of blended cement concrete with fly ash or limestone calcined clayAfroz, S; Zhang, Y; Nguyen, QD; Kim, T; Castel, A
2023-01-01Testing Geopolymer Concrete Performance in Chloride EnvironmentNguyen, QD; De Carvalho Gomes, S; Alnahhal, MF; Li, W; Kim, T; Castel, A
2022-10-03Evaluation of cracking potential parameters for low to high grade concrete with fly ash or slagAfroz, S; Nguyen, QD; Zhang, Y; Kim, T; Castel, A
2022-10-01AI and Consumer BehaviorKim, T; Duhachek, A; Rucker, D; Lamberton, C; Spiller, S
2022-10-01The Influence of New Technology on Consumer DecisionsKim, T
2022-08-19Autogenous shrinkage of fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag concreteZhang, Y; Afroz, S; Quang, DN; Kim, T; Duy, N; Castel, A; Nairn, J; Gilbert, RI
2022-07-01The efficiency of recycled glass powder in mitigating the alkali-silica reaction induced by recycled glass aggregate in cementitious mortarsMahmood, AH; Afroz, S; Kashani, A; Kim, T; Foster, SJ
2022-06-01Durability performance of binary and ternary blended cementitious systems with calcined clay: a RILEM TC 282 CCL reviewDhandapani, Y; Joseph, S; Bishnoi, S; Kunther, W; Kanavaris, F; Kim, T; Irassar, E; Castel, A; Zunino, F; Machner, A; Talakokula, V; Thienel, KC; Wilson, W; Elsen, J; Martirena, F; Santhanam, M
2022-04Effect of limestone in General Purpose cement on autogenous shrinkage of high strength GGBFS concrete and pastesAfroz, S; Zhang, Y; Nguyen, QD; Kim, T; Castel, A
2022-01-03Autogenous and total shrinkage of limestone calcined clay cement (LC3) concretesNguyen, QD; Afroz, S; Zhang, Y; Kim, T; Li, W; Castel, A
2022-01-01Modeling blended cement concrete tensile creep for standard ring test applicationZhang, Y; Afroz, S; Nguyen, QD; Kim, T; Castel, A; Xu, T
2022-01-01AI increases unethical consumer behavior due to reduced anticipatory guiltKim, T; Lee, H; Kim, MY; Kim, S; Duhachek, A
2022-01-01Towards a Goal-based Paradigm of ContagionKim, T; Kim, S; Duhachek, A; Herd, K
2021-11-08Analytical model predicting the concrete tensile stress development in the restrained shrinkage ring testZhang, Y; Afroz, S; Nguyen, QD; Kim, T; Eisenträger, J; Castel, A; Xu, T
2021-09-05Does High-volume Fly Ash or GGBFS Replacement Make Concrete More Susceptible to Cracking?Afroz, S; Zhang, Y; Nguyen, QD; Yao, Z; Kim, T; Castel, A; Gilbert, I
2021-09-05Shrinkage Behaviour of High Strength Slag Blended Cement-based ConcreteAfroz, S; Zhang, Y; Nguyen, QD; Kim, T; Castel, A; Gilbert, I
2021-01-01How Posting Online Reviews Can Influence the Poster’s EvaluationsKim, T; Duhachek, A; Briñol, P; Petty, RE
2021-01-01Performance of fly ash concrete with ferronickel slag fine aggregate against alkali-silica reaction and chloride diffusionNguyen, QD; Castel, A; Kim, T; Khan, MSH
2020-11-01Mitigation of alkali-silica reaction by limestone calcined clay cement (LC3)Nguyen, QD; Kim, T; Castel, A
2019-11-01Initial sequence for alkali-silica reaction: Transport barrier and spatial distribution of reaction productsKim, T; Alnahhal, MF; Nguyen, QD; Panchmatia, P; Hajimohammadi, A; Castel, A