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2023-10-31Socio-economic opportunities of phasing out the use of coal in Viet NamSharpe, S; Dominish, E; Kim, Y
2023-04-28Bathrooms of the Future Forum Summary ReportButler, A; Kim, Y; Fane, S; Zhu, J
2023-04-06Bathrooms of the Future - Pilot StudyKim, Y; Fane, S; Butler, A
2023-02-24Water Efficiency Program PlanningMukheibir, P; Jones, A; Butler, A; Kim, Y; Liu, A
2022-09-01Evaluation of the Victorian Healthy Homes Program – Final ReportPage, K; Hossain, L; Wilmot, K; Kim, Y; Liu, D; Kenny, P; Van Gool, K; Viney, R
2022-08Piloting the smart bathroom of the futureFane, S; Kim, Y; Butler, A; Boerema, A; Cummings, S; Atherton, R; Flack, A
2022-06-29Improving Leak Detection in SchoolsKim, Y; Mukheibir, P; Butler, A; El Halabi, A
2022-05Data-Driven Solution to Improving Schools' Water Efficiency: Challenges and Insights from a Statewide ProgramKim, Y; El Halabi, A; Butler, A; Mukheibir, P
2022-04-22Evaluation of the Victorian Healthy Homes Program: protocol for a randomised controlled trial.Campbell, M; Page, K; Longden, T; Kenny, P; Hossain, L; Wilmot, K; Kelly, S; Kim, Y; Haywood, P; Mulhern, B; Goodall, S; van Gool, K; Viney, R; Cumming, T; Soeberg, M
2022-02-01A Meta‐Analysis Review of Occupant Behaviour Models for Assessing Demand‐Side Energy ConsumptionKrishnan, D; Kelly, S; Kim, Y
2022-01-24Strategies for Imputation of High-Resolution Environmental Data in Clinical Randomized Controlled Trials.Kim, Y; Kelly, S; Krishnan, D; Falletta, J; Wilmot, K
2021-12-01Bacterial signaling and signal responses as key factors in water and wastewater treatmentAnburajan, P; Kim, Y; Rice, SA; Oh, H-S
2021-11-01Dynamic feed spacer for fouling minimization in forward osmosis processAli, SM; Kim, Y; Qamar, A; Naidu, G; Phuntsho, S; Ghaffour, N; Vrouwenvelder, JS; Shon, HK
2021-10-01Advances and challenges in metal ion separation from waterKumar, A; Kim, Y; Su, X; Fukuda, H; Naidu, G; Du, F; Vigneswaran, S; Drioli, E; Hatton, TA; Lienhard, JH
2021-04-01Co-axially electrospun superhydrophobic nanofiber membranes with 3D-hierarchically structured surface for desalination by long-term membrane distillationWoo, YC; Yao, M; Shim, WG; Kim, Y; Tijing, LD; Jung, B; Kim, SH; Shon, HK
2020-12-27The Current Research Status of Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Practice-Based Research Networks: A Systematic ReviewWon, J; Han, G; Kim, Y; Park, JR; Noh, E; Ji, Y-J; Adams, J; Lee, H
2020Economic Analysis & Social and Economic monitoring following the NSW Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment ProgramBarclay, K; Davila Cisneros, F; Kim, Y; McClean, N; McIlgorm, A
2019-10-15Understanding the organic micropollutants transport mechanisms in the fertilizer-drawn forward osmosis processKim, Y; Li, S; Phuntsho, S; Xie, M; Shon, HK; Ghaffour, N
2019-08-01Innovation towards sustainable technologies: A socio-technical perspective on accelerating transition to aviation biofuelKim, Y; Lee, J; Ahn, J
2018-11-15Combining high performance fertiliser with surfactants to reduce the reverse solute flux in the fertiliser drawn forward osmosis processChekli, L; Pathak, N; Kim, Y; Phuntsho, S; Li, S; Ghaffour, N; Leiknes, TO; Shon, HK