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Aug-2017Erratum to: Using a discrete choice experiment to value the QLU-C10D: feasibility and sensitivity to presentation format.Norman, R; Viney, R; Aaronson, NK; Brazier, JE; Cella, D; Costa, DSJ; Fayers, PM; Kemmler, G; Peacock, S; Pickard, AS; Rowen, D; Street, DJ; Velikova, G; Young, TA; King, MT
Apr-2016The prevalence, severity, and correlates of psychological distress and impaired health-related quality of life following treatment for testicular cancer: a survivorship study.Smith, AB; Butow, P; Olver, I; Luckett, T; Grimison, P; Toner, GC; Stockler, MR; Hovey, E; Stubbs, J; Turner, S; Hruby, G; Gurney, H; Alam, M; Cox, K; King, MT
2016Using a discrete choice experiment to value the QLU-C10D: feasibility and sensitivity to presentation formatNorman, R; Viney, RC; Aaronson, NK; Brazier, JE; Cella, D; Costa, DS; Fayers, PM; Kemmler, G; Peacock, S; Pickard, AS; Rowen, D; Street, DJ; Velikova, G; Young, TA; King, MT
Jan-2014PerCEN: a cluster randomized controlled trial of person-centered residential care and environment for people with dementiaChenoweth, L; Forbes, I; King, MT; Fleming, R; Stein-Parbury, J; Yun-Hee, J; Haas, MR; Kenny, PM; Luscombe, G; Brodaty, H
Jan-2014An Australian discrete choice experiment to value EQ-5D health statesViney, RC; Norman, R; Brazier, JE; Cronin, PA; King, MT; Ratcliffe, J; Street, D
Jan-2013The prevalence and correlates of supportive care needs in testicular cancer survivors: A cross-sectional studySmith, A; King, MT; Butow, P; Luckett, T; Grimison, P; Toner, G; Stockler, MR; Hovey, E; Stubbs, J; Hruby, G; Gurney, H; Turner, S; Alam, M; Cox, K; Oliver, I
Dec-2012Repeatability of the six-minute walk test and relation to physical function in survivors of a critical illnessAlison, JA; Kenny, PM; King, MT; McKinley, SM; Aitken, LM; Leslie, G; Elliott, D
Apr-2012Sleep and other factors associated with mental health and psychological distress after intensive care for critical illness.McKinley, SM; Aitken, LM; Alison, JA; King, MT; Leslie, G; Burmeister, E; Elliott, D
Mar-2012A double-blind randomised controlled trial of 25% oral glucose for pain relief in 2-month old infants undergoing immunisationKassab, M; Sheehy, AD; King, MT; Fowler, CM; Foureur, M
Jan-2012A comparison of the FACT-G and the supportive care needs survey (SCNS) in women with ovarian cancer - unidimensionality of constructsColagiuri, B; King, MT; Butow, P; McGrane, JA; Luckett, T; Price, MA; Birney, DP; The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group; The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study—Quality of Life Study Investigators
Jan-2012Preferences for support services among adolescents and young adults with cancer or a blood disorder: A discrete choice experimentGoodall, S; King, MT; Ewing, JE; Smith, NF; Kenny, PM
Jan-2012Staff outcomes from the Caring for Aged Dementia Care REsident Study (CADRES): A cluster randomised trialJeon, Y; Luscombe, G; Chenoweth, L; Stein-Parbury, J; Brodaty, H; King, MT; Haas, MR
Jan-2012Preferences for cancer treatments: an overview of methods and applications in oncologyBlinman, P; King, MT; Norman, R; Viney, RC; Stockler, MR
Nov-2011Nursing Staffing, Nursing Workload, the Work Environment and Patient OutcomesDuffield, CM; Diers, D; O'Brien-Pallas, L; Aisbett, C; Roche, MA; King, MT; Aisbett, K
Jan-2011Measuring quality of life in women with gynaecological cancerLuckett, T; King, MT; Lacey, J
Jan-2011Study Protocol of a Randomised Controlled Group Trial of Client and Care Outcomes in the Residential Dementia Care SettingChenoweth, L; King, MT; Luscombe, G; Forbes, I; Yun-Hee, J; Stein-Parbury, J; Brodaty, H; Fleming, R; Haas, MR
Jan-2011Evidence-Based Guidelines For Determination Of Sample Size And Interpretation Of The European Organisation For The Research And Treatment Of Cancer Quality Of Life Questionnaire Core 30Cocks, K; King, MT; Velikova, G; St-james, M; Fayers, P; Brown, JS
Jan-2011Choosing between the EORTC QLQ-C30 and FACT-G for measuring health-related quality of life in cancer clinical research: issues, evidence and recommendationsLuckett, T; King, MT; Butow, P; Oguchi, M; Rankin, N; Price, M; Hackl, N; Heading, G
Jan-2011The psychological wellbeing and quality of life of US Hispanic and Asian/Pacific Islander cancer patients compared to the majority: A systematic review and meta-analysisLuckett, T; Goldstein, D; Butow, P; Gebski, V; Aldridge, L; McGrane, J; Ng, W; King, MT
Jan-2011Time trade-off derived EQ-5D weights for AustraliaViney, RC; Norman, R; King, MT; Cronin, PA; Street, D; Knox, SA; Ratcliffe, J