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1-Feb-2019Guided wave propagation in buried and immersed fluid-filled pipes: Application of the semi analytic finite element methodDuan, W; Kirby, R
1-Jan-2019Guided wave propagation in cylindrical ducts with elastic walls enclosing a fluid moving with a uniform velocityKirby, R; Duan, W
25-Jun-2017The influence of higher order incident modes on the performance of a hybrid reactive-dissipative splitter silencerWilliams, PT; Abom, M; Kirby, R; Hill, J
1-May-2017On the scattering of torsional waves from axisymmetric defects in buried pipelinesDuan, W; Kirby, R; Mudge, P
1-Jan-2017Elastic wave propagation in liquid filled buried pipesKirby, R; Duan, W
8-Dec-2016A one dimensional numerical approach for computing the eigenmodes of elastic waves in buried pipelinesDuan, W; Kirby, R; Mudge, P; Gan, TH
1-Feb-2016On the scattering of elastic waves from a non-axisymmetric defect in a coated pipeDuan, W; Kirby, R; Mudge, P
1-Jan-2016On the scattering of elastic waves from a non-axisymmetric defect in a coated pipeKirby, R; Mudge, P
1-Jan-2016Point collocation scheme in silencers with temperature gradient and mean flowKirby, R
1-Jan-2014A three dimensional investigation into the acoustic performance of dissipative splitter silencersKirby, R; Williams, PT; Hill, J
1-May-2012A hybrid finite element approach to modeling sound radiation from circular and rectangular ductsDuan, W; Kirby, R
1-Dec-2010A multidimensional analytical study of sound attenuation in catalytic convertersKirby, R; Selamet, A
1-Jan-2008A hybrid numerical method for analysing multi-mode sound propagation in ventilation ductworkKirby, R
1-Dec-2005Sound attenuation in partially-filled perforated dissipative mufflers with extended inlet/outletSelamet, A; Fuenmayor, FJ; Kirby, R
7-Jun-2001Simplified techniques for predicting the transmission loss of a circular dissipative silencerKirby, R