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2021-03The near field, Westervelt far field, and inverse-law far field of the audio sound generated by parametric array loudspeakers.Zhong, J; Kirby, R; Qiu, X
2020-12Non-negative intensity for planar structures under stochastic excitationKarimi, M; Maxit, L; Meyer, V; Marburg, S; Kirby, R
2020-12Atmospheric sound propagation in a stratified moving media: Application of the semi analytic finite element method.Kirby, R
2020-10Reflection of audio sounds generated by a parametric array loudspeaker.Zhong, J; Wang, S; Kirby, R; Qiu, X
2020-08-23An experimental study on the active noise control using a parametric array loudspeakerZhong, J; Xiao, T; Halkon, B; Kirby, R; Qiu, X
2020-07Insertion loss of a thin partition for audio sounds generated by a parametric array loudspeaker.Zhong, J; Wang, S; Kirby, R; Qiu, X
2020-06Mode matching in axisymmetric fluid-filled pipes: Scattering by a flange.Williams, P; Kirby, R; Hill, J
2020-05A spherical expansion for audio sounds generated by a circular parametric array loudspeaker.Zhong, J; Kirby, R; Qiu, X
2020-03-01A non-paraxial model for the audio sound behind a non-baffled parametric array loudspeakerZhong, J; Kirby, R; Qiu, X
2020-01-01Hybrid dissipative/reactive silencer predictions with comparison to measurementWilliams, PT; Hill, J; Malecki, C; Kirby, R; Abom, M
2019-04-01Numerical mode matching for sound propagation in silencers with granular materialSánchez-Orgaz, EM; Denia, FD; Baeza, L; Kirby, R
2019-02-01Guided wave propagation in buried and immersed fluid-filled pipes: Application of the semi analytic finite element methodDuan, W; Kirby, R
2019-01-01Modelling sound propagation in the ocean: A normal mode approach using finite elementsKirby, R; Duan, W
2019-01-01Guided wave propagation in cylindrical ducts with elastic walls enclosing a fluid moving with a uniform velocityKirby, R; Duan, W
2019-01-01A computational investigation into the influence of the shear properties of the seabed on sound propagation in shallow waterKirby, R; Duan, W
2019-01-01Numerical method for prediction of duct break out sound powerWilliams, P; Kirby, R; Hill, J
2018-02-01Reducing low frequency tonal noise in large ducts using a hybrid reactive-dissipative silencerWilliams, P; Kirby, R; Hill, J; Åbom, M; Malecki, C
2018-01-01Design of large reactive silencers for industrial applicationsMimani, A; Kirby, R
2017-06-25The influence of higher order incident modes on the performance of a hybrid reactive-dissipative splitter silencerWilliams, PT; Abom, M; Kirby, R; Hill, J
2017-05-01On the scattering of torsional waves from axisymmetric defects in buried pipelinesDuan, W; Kirby, R; Mudge, P