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2022-06-30Multinational Enterprise and Corporate Governance of Foreign Subsidiaries Post-Vedanta: Responsibility or Risk Management?Klettner, A
2022-06-15Corporate purpose as a signalling mechanism to facilitate and guide stakeholder governanceKlettner, A; Sainty, R; Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D
2022-01-01Collectively creating conditions that nurture: The Bushland as metaphor for the academic ecosystem.Ahuja, S; Gavin, M; Faulkner, S; Hassanli, N; Hergesell, A; Jarvis, W; Jasovska, P; Kaya, E; Klettner, A; Liu, H; Small, J; Walker, C; Weatherall, R; Robinson, S; Bristow, A; Ratle, O
2021-01-01Stewardship Codes and the Role of Institutional Investors in Corporate Governance: An International Comparison and TypologyKlettner, A
2021Sustainable Finance and Stewardship: Unlocking Stewardship's Sustainability PotentialKlettner, A; Katelouzou, D; Katelouzou, D; Puchniak, D
2019-12-01Finding the Balance between Profit and Purpose: Should Australia Create a Legal Structure for Social Enterprise?Klettner, A
2019-11-01Australia's sustainable finance agenda: Implications for corporate governanceKlettner, A; Kelly, S; Edwards, M; Brown, P
2019-11-01Challenges for Regulatory Reform in the Finance Sector: Learnings from the Last DecadeKlettner, A
2019-10Multinational Corporations and their SubsidiariesKlettner, A; Clarke, T; Atherton, A
2019-08Improving Gender Diversity in CompaniesKlettner, A; Atherton, A; Clarke, T; Winterford, K
2019-06-28Corporate responsibility and financialisation in the international banking sector: the limits of current governance systemsKlettner, A; Clarke, T; Boersma, M
2019-06-20Unlocking Australia's Sustianable Finance PotentialKelly, S; Edwards, M; Klettner, A; Brown, P
2019-05-16Cui bono? Corruptors and the corrupted – Corporate governance and corruption: the roles and responsibilities of the private sector.dela Rama, M; Klettner, A; Lester, M; Ellis, J
2018-07-25Shareholder engagement: The state of playKlettner, A; Hodge, C; Lehuede, H; Sheehy, T
2016-10-04Governing corporate responsibility: The role of soft regulationKlettner, A
2016-04-22Implementing corporate social responsibility: A creative tension between regulation and corporate initiatives?Clarke, T; Klettner, A
2016-03-01Governance Challenges for Not-for-Profit Organisations: Empirical Evidence in Support of A Contingency ApproachChelliah, J; Boersma, M; Klettner, A
2016-02-01Strategic and Regulatory Approaches to Increasing Women in Leadership: Multilevel Targets and Mandatory Quotas as Levers for Cultural ChangeKlettner, A; Clarke, T; Boersma, M
2016-01-01Corporate governance regulation: The changing roles and responsibilities of boards of directorsKlettner, A
2015-01-01Governance Challenges for Not-For-Profit Organisations: Empirical Evidence in Support of a Contingency ApproachChelliah, J; Boersma, M; Klettner, A; Wahid, A; Reaiche Amaro, C