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2023-07-07A call for action: Need to expand the scope of women's health assessment.Koirala, B; Harvey, S; Bollinger, RC; Davidson, PM
2023Predictors of Self-care Among Chinese Patients With Chronic Heart Failure: A Situation-Specific Theory-Guided Structural Equation Model Analysis.Zhang, Z; Koirala, B; Gong, G; Bai, X; Mao, J; Davidson, PM
2022-10-31Expedited upskilling of intermediate care nurses to provide critical care during the COVID-19 pandemic.Hampton, R; Outten, CE; Street, L; Miranda, S; Koirala, B; Davidson, PM; Hager, DN
2022-09-05Living with multiple chronic conditions: How we achieve holistic care and optimize health outcomes.Koirala, B; Peeler, A; Dennison Himmelfarb, C; Davidson, PM
2022-01Ethics in nursing: Progress on national nursing ethics summit.Koirala, B; Davidson, PM; Rushton, CH
2021-08-16The Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale in Heart Failure: A Systematic Review.Asano, R; Anderson, KM; Koirala, B; Abshire, M; Himmelfarb, CD; Davidson, PM
2021-07A review of inpatient nursing workload measures.Racy, S; Davidson, PM; Peeler, A; Hager, DN; Street, L; Koirala, B
2021-07Heterogeneity of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Among Asian Immigrants: Insights From the 2010 to 2018 National Health Interview Survey.Koirala, B; Turkson-Ocran, R-A; Baptiste, D; Koirala, B; Francis, L; Davidson, P; Himmelfarb, CD; Commodore-Mensah, Y
2021-03-11Conducting nursing research in low- and middle-income countries: experiences, challenges and solutions.Koirala, B; Amgai, C; Davidson, P
2021-02-06Maintaining Hope in Transition: Critical to the Work of All NursesDavidson, PM; Koirala, B
2021-02-01A Call to Action to Address Disparities in Palliative Care Access: A Conceptual Framework for Individualizing Care Needs.Nelson, KE; Wright, R; Fisher, M; Koirala, B; Roberts, B; Sloan, DH; Wu, DS; Davidson, PM
2021-02A randomized controlled trial of motivational interviewing as a tool to enhance secondary prevention strategies in cardiovascular disease (MICIS study).Everett, B; Salamonson, Y; Koirala, B; Zecchin, R; Davidson, PM
2020-09Outpatient Palliative Care in Heart Failure: An Integrative Review.DeGroot, L; Koirala, B; Pavlovic, N; Nelson, K; Allen, J; Davidson, P; Abshire, M
2020-07Delirium point prevalence studies in inpatient settings: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Koirala, B; Hansen, BR; Hosie, A; Budhathoki, C; Seal, S; Beaman, A; Davidson, PM
2020-06Rationale and Resources to Accelerate Advanced Practice Palliative Care Competency.Koirala, B; Davidson, P; Ferrell, B; Himmelfarb, CD
2020-02-17Heart failure self-care, factors influencing self-care and the relationship with health-related quality of life: A cross-sectional observational study.Koirala, B; Dennison Himmelfarb, CR; Budhathoki, C; Davidson, PM
2020-02-01The Self-Care of Heart Failure Index: A psychometric studyKoirala, B; Budhathoki, C; Dennison-Himmelfarb, CR; Bhattarai, P; Davidson, PM
2019-05-01Heart failure and social determinants of health in Thailand: An integrative reviewTankumpuan, T; Asano, R; Koirala, B; Dennison-Himmelfarb, C; Sindhu, S; Davidson, PM
2018-11-01Factors affecting heart failure self-care: An integrative reviewKoirala, B; Himmelfarb, CD; Budhathoki, C; Tankumpuan, T; Asano, R; Davidson, PM
-Accelerating advanced practice palliative care competencies: An educational research initiativeKoirala, B; Davidson, PM; D'Aoust, R; Silbert-Flagg, J; Slater, T; Ling, C; Busch, D; Rushton, CH; Razzak, R; Ferrell, B; Dennison Himmelfarb, C