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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09-01The art of ‘stepping back’: Studying levels of abstraction in a diverse design teamKokotovich, V; Dorst, K
2016Design for additive (and hybrid) manufacturing – Needs and prospectsŠormaz, D; Kokotovich, V; Horváth, I; Pernot, JP; Rusák, Z
2016On the need for a design ontology within [am] additive manufacturingKokotovich, V; Šormaz, D; Horváth, I; Pernot, JP; Rusák, Z
2015-11-02Are We Evolving “Strictured” Design Engineers?Kokotovich, V; Popovic, V; Blackler, A; Luh, DB; Nimkulrat, N; Kraal, B; Nagai, Y
2015-11-02Comparing Frame Creation and TRIZ: from model to methodologyDorst, K; Kokotovich, V; Popovic, V; Blackler, A; Luh, DB; Nimkulrat, N; Kraal, B; Nagai, Y
2015-11-02A Case for Reimagining Reflection-in-Action and Co-evolutionKokotovich, V; Popovic, V; Blackler, A; Luh, DB; Nimkulrat, N; Kraal, B; Nagai, Y
2014-01Issues in design systemics: The need for dynamic re-framing tools in design and design engineeringKokotovich, V; Horváth, I; Rusák, Z
2013-01The Importance of Mapping 1st Principle Physical Constraints with Non-physical ConstraintsKokotovich, V; Jachna, T; Lam, YY; Tzvetanova Yung, S
2012-12-01Industrial design / design engineering and the "facilitator trap"Kokotovich, V
2012-01Technology clustering issues: Understanding problems in predictionKokotovich, V; Middleton, H
2012-01Supporting Student Learning in Relation to Entrepreneurial Innovation in Self-initiated Industrial Design Major ProjectsWalden, RJ; Kokotovich, V; Middleton, H
2012-01Surprises in design and by designingKokotovich, V; Horváth, I; Rusák, Z; Albers, A; Behrendt, M
2012-01Design & Determined IndeterminismKokotovich, V; Durling, D
2010-11-08Technological change: Educating for extreme collaborationKokotovich, V; Barker, T
2010-01The impact of modular product design on innovation compared with design from first principlesBarker, T; Kokotovich, V; Durling, DEA
2010-01Technological Change: Confronting a Fuzzier Front EndKokotovich, V; not known
2010-01Technological Change: Implications for Theory and Praxis in Industrial Design / Design Engineering EducationKokotovich, V; not known
2008-11-26Cooperative, cross-discipline teaching and learningKokotovich, V
2008-01-01Problem analysis and thinking tools: an empirical study of non-hierarchical mind mappingKokotovich, V
2008-01Theorising the Utility of Combining Frame Theory and Game Theory: Consequences for Design and Technology EducationKokotovich, V; Middleton, H; Pavlova, M