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2020-10-30Factors Influencing the Early Introduction of Sugar Sweetened Beverages among Infants: Findings from the HSHK Birth Cohort Study.Irvine, V; John, JR; Scott, JA; Hayen, A; Do, LG; Bhole, S; Ha, D; Kolt, GS; Arora, A
2020-07-27Determinants of Full Breastfeeding at 6 Months and Any Breastfeeding at 12 and 24 Months among Women in Sydney: Findings from the HSHK Birth Cohort Study.Chimoriya, R; Scott, JA; John, JR; Bhole, S; Hayen, A; Kolt, GS; Arora, A
2019-12-01More real-world trials are needed to establish if web-based physical activity interventions are effectiveVandelanotte, C; Duncan, MJ; Kolt, GS; Caperchione, CM; Savage, TN; Van Itallie, A; Oldmeadow, C; Alley, SJ; Tague, R; Maeder, AJ; Rosenkranz, RR; Mummery, WK
2019-04-15Validity and responsiveness to change of the Active Australia Survey according to gender, age, BMI, education, and physical activity level and awarenessVandelanotte, C; Duncan, MJ; Stanton, R; Rosenkranz, RR; Caperchione, CM; Rebar, AL; Savage, TN; Mummery, WK; Kolt, GS
2018-10-02Validity and reliability of measures assessing social-cognitive determinants of physical activity in low-active Australian adultsRosenkranz, RR; Geller, KS; Duncan, MJ; Caperchione, CM; Vandelanotte, C; Maeder, AJ; Savage, TN; Van Itallie, A; Kolt, GS
2018-01-12The effectiveness of a web 2.0 physical activity intervention in older adults - a randomised controlled trialAlley, SJ; Kolt, GS; Duncan, MJ; Caperchione, CM; Savage, TN; Maeder, AJ; Rosenkranz, RR; Tague, R; Van Itallie, AK; Mummery, WK; Vandelanotte, C
2017-10Using Web 2.0 applications to promote health-related physical activity: findings from the WALK 2.0 randomised controlled trial.Kolt, GS; Rosenkranz, RR; Vandelanotte, C; Caperchione, CM; Maeder, AJ; Tague, R; Savage, TN; Van, IA; Mummery, WK; Oldmeadow, C; Duncan, MJ
2017Associations between quality of life and duration and frequency of physical activity and sedentary behaviour: Baseline findings from the WALK 2.0 randomised controlled trial.Kolt, GS; George, ES; Rebar, AL; Duncan, MJ; Vandelanotte, C; Caperchione, CM; Maeder, AJ; Tague, R; Savage, TN; Van Itallie, A; Mawella, NR; Hsu, W-W; Mummery, WK; Rosenkranz, RR
2016-10-01Healthy mind, healthy body: A randomized trial testing the efficacy of a computer-tailored vs. interactive web-based intervention for increasing physical activity and reducing depressive symptomsRebar, AL; Boles, C; Burton, N; Duncan, MJ; Short, CE; Happell, B; Kolt, GS; Caperchione, CM; Rosenkranz, RR; Vandelanotte, C
2016-06Examining an Australian physical activity and nutrition intervention using RE-AIM.Caperchione, CM; Duncan, M; Kolt, GS; Vandelanotte, C; Rosenkranz, RR; Maeder, A; Noakes, M; Karunanithi, M; Mummery, WK
2016-04-15Recruitment, screening, and baseline participant characteristics in the WALK 2.0 study: A randomized controlled trial using web 2.0 applications to promote physical activity.Caperchione, CM; Duncan, MJ; Rosenkranz, RR; Vandelanotte, C; Van Itallie, AK; Savage, TN; Hooker, C; Maeder, AJ; Mummery, WK; Kolt, GS