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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-03-01An improved fault-tolerant cultural-PSO with probability for multi-AGV path planningLin, S; Liu, A; Wang, J; Kong, X
2024-03-01Resilience Evaluation of Cyber-Physical Power System Considering Cyber AttacksKong, X; Lu, Z; Guo, X; Zhang, J; Li, H
2023-11-01A Novel Loosely Coupling Fusion Approach of Ultra-Wideband and Wheel Odometry for Indoor LocalisationLiu, A; Lin, S; Wang, J; Kong, X
2023-10-01Solid-liquid phase equilibrium relationship of high salt wastewater of coal chemical industry and mechanism of crystallization and scaling processWang, B; Li, H; Jiang, Y; Kong, X; Xue, J; Qiao, Y; Liu, B; Cheng, D; Gao, Y; Jiang, Q
2023-06-01Probabilistic Forecasting of Electricity Demand Incorporating Mobility DataFatema, I; Lei, G; Kong, X
2023-03-01An intelligence-based hybrid PSO-SA for mobile robot path planning in warehouseLin, S; Liu, A; Wang, J; Kong, X
2022-12-19A Method for Non-line of Sight Identification and Delay Correction for UWB Indoor PositioningLiu, A; Lin, S; Wang, J; Kong, X
2022-11-01Experimental study on interface failure behavior of 3D printed continuous fiber reinforced compositesKong, X; Luo, J; Luo, Q; Li, Q; Sun, G
2022-10-27A Succinct Method for Non-Line-of-Sight Mitigation for Ultra-Wideband Indoor Positioning System.Liu, A; Lin, S; Wang, J; Kong, X
2022-09-01A Review of Path-Planning Approaches for Multiple Mobile RobotsLin, S; Liu, A; Wang, J; Kong, X
2022-01-01Helix-HPSO approach for UAV path planning in a multi-building environmentLin, S; Kong, X; Wang, J; Liu, A
2022-01-01Simulation of MobiFall Dataset for Fall Detection Using MATLAB Classifier AlgorithmsRashid, FA; Sandrasegaran, K; Kong, X
2021-11-13Development of Swarm Intelligence Leader-Vicsek-Model for Multi-AGV Path PlanningLin, S; Liu, A; Kong, X; Wang, J
2021-05-01Experimental investigation into stamping of woven CF/PP laminates: Influences of molding temperature on thermal, mesoscopic and macroscopic propertiesSun, G; Kong, X; Wang, Z; Luo, Q; Li, Q
2021An Improved Indoor Positioning Accuracy using Filtered RSSI and Beacon WeightAlsmadi, L; Kong, X; Sandrasegaran, K; Fang, G
2020-12-28Development of a UAV path planning approach for multi-building inspection with minimal costKong, X; Lin, S; Liu, A; Wang, J; Fang, G; Han, Y
2020-12-28Analysing and Forecasting Electricity Demand and Price Using Deep Learning Model during the COVID-19 PandemicFatema, I; Kong, X; Fang, G
2020-12-28Development of Low-Cost Indoor Positioning Using Mobile-UWB-AnchorConfiguration ApproachLiu, A; Lin, S; Kong, X; Wang, J; Fang, G; Han, Y
2019-12-05Low Computational Data Fusion Approach Using INS and UWB for UAV Navigation Tasks in GPS Denied EnvironmentsKong, X; Fang, G; Liu, L; Khruahong, S