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1-Nov-2016Recasting Leadership Reform in Australian Local Government: A Typology from Political TheoryGrant, B; Dollery, B; Kortt, M
Jun-2016Australian Local Government Perspectives on Contemporary Structural ReformDollery, B; Kortt, M; Drew, J; Sadioglu, U; Dede, K
1-Dec-2015What Determines Efficiency in Local Government? A DEA Analysis of NSW Local GovernmentDrew, J; Kortt, M; Dollery, B
1-Jan-2013Options for rationalizing local government structure: A policy agendaDollery, B; Kortt, M; Grant, B
Jan-2013The relationship between religious affiliation and returns to human capital for womenKortt, M; Dollery, B; Grant, BJ
Jan-2013An evaluation of amalgamation and financial viability in Australian local governmentGrant, BJ; Dollery, B; Kortt, M
Jan-2013Funding the Future: Financial Sustainability and Infrastructure Finance in Australian Local GovernmentDollery, B; Kortt, M; Grant, BJ
1-Mar-2012The governance of grapes: The NSW Inquiry into the Wine Grape Market and Prices (2010) -- An assessmentGrant, BJ; Dollery, BE; Kortt, M
1-Jan-2012Councils in Cooperation: Shared Services and Australian Local Government.Dollery, B; Grant, BJ; Kortt, M
Jan-2012Protestantism and work ethic: Evidence from AustraliaKortt, M; Dollery, B; Grant, BJ
Jan-2012Local government and regional governance in Australia: History, theory and policyGrant, BJ; Dollery, B; Kortt, M
Jan-2012Harnessing private funds to alleviate the Australian local government infrastructure backlogDollery, B; Kortt, M; Grant, BJ
2012Local and regional tensions: Shared servicesKortt, M; Dollery, BE; Grant, BJ
1-Dec-2011A Normative Model for Local Government De-Amalgamation in AustraliaDollery, B; Kortt, M; Grant, B
Jan-2011Tackling the Australian Local Infrastructure Backlog: The Case for a National Bond BankDollery, B; Grant, BJ; Kortt, M; van der Hoek, MP