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1-Jun-2019Administering faith: Does the religious institution administering a school influence educational achievement?Drew, J; Kortt, MA; Bec, A
11-Mar-2019Does religious affiliation influence trust?Kortt, MA; Drew, J
1-Jan-2018Does Religion Influence Educational Attainment?Kortt, MA; Drew, J
1-Nov-2017No Aladdin’s Cave in New South Wales? Local Government Amalgamation, Scale Economies, and Data Envelopment Analysis SpecificationDrew, J; Kortt, MA; Dollery, B
1-Jun-2016Peas in a Pod: Are Efficient Municipalities also Financially Sustainable?Drew, J; Dollery, B; Kortt, MA
3-Mar-2016Municipal Mergers in New Zealand: An Empirical Analysis of the Proposed Amalgamation of Hawke’s Bay CouncilsKortt, MA; Dollery, B; Drew, J
2-Jan-2016Did the Big Stick Work? An Empirical Assessment of Scale Economies and the Queensland Forced Amalgamation ProgramDrew, J; Kortt, MA; Dollery, B
1-Jan-2016Fostering shared services in local government: A common service modelDollery, B; Kortt, MA; Drew, J
1-Jan-2016Can't Get No Satisfaction? The Association Between Community Satisfaction and Population Size for VictoriaDrew, J; Dollery, B; Kortt, MA
1-Dec-2015Is There a Case for Mandating Directly Elected Mayors in Australian Local Government? Lessons from the 2012 Queensland Local Government ElectionsGrant, B; Dollery, B; Kortt, MA
1-Sep-2015Three of a kind? The special case of Australia's Island CouncilsSinnewe, E; Kortt, MA; Dollery, B; Hayward, P
1-Apr-2015Religion and Life Satisfaction Down UnderKortt, MA; Dollery, B; Grant, B
1-Jan-2014Economies of Scale and Local Government Expenditure: Evidence From AustraliaDrew, J; Kortt, MA; Dollery, B
1-Mar-2013A Cautionary Tale: Council Amalgamation in Tasmania and the Deloitte Access Economics ReportDrew, J; Kortt, MA; Dollery, B