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2019-05-10Low-temperature titania-graphene quantum dots paste for flexible dye-sensitised solar cell applicationsKumar, DK; Suazo-Davila, D; García-Torres, D; Cook, NP; Ivaturi, A; Hsu, MH; Martí, AA; Cabrera, CR; Chen, B; Bennett, N; Upadhyaya, HM
2018-03-01An ICA-EBM-based sEMG classifier for recognizing lower limb movements in individuals with and without knee pathologyNaik, GR; Selvan, SE; Arjunan, SP; Acharyya, A; Kumar, DK; Ramanujam, A; Nguyen, HT
2014-02-01Signal processing evaluation of myoelectric sensor placement in low-level gestures: Sensitivity analysis using independent component analysisNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M
2012-09-01Subtle electromyographic pattern recognition for finger movements: A Pilot study using BSS techniquesNaik, GR; Kumar, DK
2012-07-30Measure of increase in motor unit synchronisaton for young and old using sEMGNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Arjunan, S
2012-07-30Investigation of age and gender related changes in force of isometric contraction, muscle endurance and muscle strength among young and old healthy peopleArjunan, SP; Kumar, DK; Bastos, T; Naik, GR
2012-04-01Identification of hand and finger movements using multi run ICA of surface electromyogramNaik, GR; Kumar, DK
2012-01Facial Muscle Activity Patterns for Recognition of Utterances in Native and Foreign Language: Testing for its Reliability and FlexibilityArjunan, SP; Kumar, DK; Weghorn, H; Naik, G; Mago, VK; Bhatia, N
2011-12-26Evaluation of higher order statistics parameters for multi channel sEMG using different force levelsNaik, GR; Kumar, DK
2011-12-01Estimation of independent and dependent components of non-invasive EMG using fast ICA: Validation in recognising complex gesturesNaik, GR; Kumar, DK
2011-10-01Measuring increase in synchronization to identify muscle endurance limitKumar, DK; Arjunan, SP; Naik, GR
2011-07-01Towards classification of low-level finger movements using forearm muscle activation: A comparative study based on ICA and Fractal theoryNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Arjunan, SP
2011-07-01Improving the quality of the audio sources using Gaussianity reduction techniqueNaik, GR; Kumar, DK
2011-05-19Kurtosis and negentropy investigation of myo electric signals during different MVCsNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Arjunan, SP
2011-03-01Indicator of the quality of the sensor set up: A study using surface EMG on sub-band ICANaik, GR; Kumar, DK
2011-02-01Dimensional reduction using Blind source separation for identifying sourcesNaik, GR; Kumar, DK
2010-12-01Fractal feature of sEMG from flexor digitorum superficialis muscle correlated with levels of contraction during low-level finger flexionsArjunan, SP; Kumar, DK; Naik, GR
2010-12-01Source separation techniques for optimal electrode configurations: A study on electromyographyNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Weghorn, H; Arjunan, SP
2010-12-01A machine learning based method for classification of fractal features of forearm sEMG using Twin Support vector machinesArjunan, SP; Kumar, DK; Naik, GR
2010-10-01Classification of low level surface electromyogram using independent component analysisNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M