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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-01Adapting a virtual advisor’s verbal conversation based on predicted user preferences: A study of neutral, empathic and tailored dialogueRanjbartabar, H; Richards, D; Bilgin, AA; Kutay, C; Mascarenhas, S
2020-03-01Observations on appropriate technology application in indigenous community using system dynamics modellingJokhu, PD; Kutay, C
2020Learning on Country: A Game-Based approach towards preserving an Australian Aboriginal LanguageKutay, C; Szapiro, D; Garcia, J; Raffe, W
2019-02-13Transdisciplinary learning: Transformative collaborations between students, industry, academia and communities.Buck, A; Clifton-Cunningham, A; Golja, T; Kutay, C; Melvold, J; Regmi, A; Vincent, N; Walsh, SP; Yap, E-H; Co-Creating Collective
2019-02-11Transdisciplinary learning: transformative collaborations between students, industry, academia and communities. (an example of complex problem solving undertaken through university-industry partnerships to create societal value and impact)Melvold, J; Buck, A; Clifton-Cunningham, A; Golja, T; Kutay, C; Regmi, A; Vincent, N; Walsh, SP; Yap, E-H; Co-Creating Collective
2019-01-02Locating knowledgeKutay, C
2019-01-02Locating knowledgeKutay, C
2018-12Cross-Cultural Construction Engineering with Aboriginal CommunitiesKutay, C; Gunay, B; Tobin, C
2018-12How we tell our engineering storiesKutay, C; Leigh, E
2018-01-01Teaching an Australian aboriginal knowledge sharing processKutay, C
2018-01-01Sarah the virtual advisor to reduce study stressRanjbartabar, H; Richards, D; Kutay, C; Mascarenhas, S
2018-01-01Building digital entrepreneurial platform through local community activity and digital skills in aboriginal AustraliaPradhan, S; Beetson, S; Kutay, C
2018-01-01Leading from the engine roomKutay, C; Leigh, E
2017-06-08Doctoral symposium: Visualising complex event hierarchies using relevant domain ontologiesPerry, R; Bandara, M; Kutay, C; Rabhi, F
2016Supporting Language Teaching OnlineKutay, C
2015-01-01Using complex events to represent domain concepts in graphsPerry, RT; Kutay, C; Rabhi, F
2014-12-02One person's culture is another one's entertainmentKutay, C
2013-10-23Support for non IT savvy teachers to incorporate gamesKutay, C; Sim, M; Wain, T
2013-05-27Intercultural-role plays for e-learning using emotive agentsKutay, C; Mascarenhas, S; Paiva, A; Prada, R
2013-01-01Embedding Aboriginal cultural knowledge in curriculum at university level through Aboriginal community engagementRiley, L; Howard-Wagner, D; Mooney, J; Kutay, C