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2023-05Personal Data for Public Benefit: The Regulatory Determinants of Social Licence for Technologically Enhanced Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance.Carter, DJ; Byrne, MK; Djordjevic, SP; Robertson, H; Labbate, M; Morgan, BS; Billington, L
2023-04-12Public Support for Next-Generation Antimicrobial Resistance SurveillanceCarter, DJ; Byrne, MK; Djordjevic, S; Robertson, H; Labbate, M; Morgan, B; Billington, L
2023-04-11Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Technology: Keys to SuccessCarter, DJ; Byrne, MK; Djordjevic, S; Robertson, H; Labbate, M; Morgan, B; Billington, L
2022-09-13Heterogeneous Growth Enhancement of Vibrio cholerae in the Presence of Different Phytoplankton Species.King, K; Bramucci, AR; Labbate, M; Raina, J-B; Seymour, JR
2022-07-01Characterisation of Verticillium dahliae by inter-simple sequence repeats identified a virulent subpopulation affecting Australian cottonDadd-Daigle, P; Collins, D; Kirkby, K; Roser, S; Lonergan, P; Chowdhury, PR; Labbate, M; Chapman, TA
2022-05-16Protozoal food vacuoles enhance transformation in Vibrio cholerae through SOS-regulated DNA integration.Rahman, MH; Mahbub, KR; Espinoza-Vergara, G; Ritchie, A; Hoque, MM; Noorian, P; Cole, L; McDougald, D; Labbate, M
2022-01-01Phylogenomic diversity of Vibrio species and other Gammaproteobacteria isolated from Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) during a summer mortality outbreakWorden, PJ; Bogema, DR; Micallef, ML; Go, J; Deutscher, AT; Labbate, M; Green, TJ; King, WL; Liu, M; Seymour, JR; Jenkins, C
2021-10-15Adaptation to an amoeba host drives selection of virulence-associated traits in Vibrio cholerae.Hoque, MM; Noorian, P; Espinoza-Vergara, G; Manuneedhi Cholan, P; Kim, M; Rahman, MH; Labbate, M; Rice, SA; Pernice, M; Oehlers, SH; McDougald, D
2021-08Dynamics of the Sydney rock oyster microbiota before and during a QX disease eventNguyen, VK; King, WL; Siboni, N; Mahbub, KR; Rahman, MH; Jenkins, C; Dove, M; O'Connor, W; Seymour, JR; Labbate, M
2021-06-18Environmental DNA signatures distinguish between tsunami and storm deposition in overwash sandYap, W; Switzer, AD; Gouramanis, C; Marzinelli, E; Wijaya, W; Yan, YT; Dominey-Howes, D; Labbate, M; Srinivasalu, S; Jankaew, K; Lauro, FM
2021-01-01The Verticillium wilt problem in Australian cottonDadd-Daigle, P; Kirkby, K; Chowdhury, PR; Labbate, M; Chapman, TA
2020-10-15The Sydney rock oyster microbiota is influenced by location, season and geneticsNguyen, VK; King, WL; Siboni, N; Mahbub, KR; Dove, M; O'Connor, W; Seymour, JR; Labbate, M
2020-10Long-lasting effect of mercury contamination on the soil microbiota and its co-selection of antibiotic resistance.Mahbub, KR; King, WL; Siboni, N; Nguyen, VK; Rahman, MM; Megharaj, M; Seymour, JR; Franks, AE; Labbate, M
2020-05-12Virulence not linked with vegetative compatibility groups in Australian cotton Verticillium dahliae isolatesDadd-Daigle, P; Kirkby, K; Collins, D; Cuddy, W; Lonergan, P; Roser, S; Bhattacharya, P; Labbate, M; Chapman, T
2020-03-28Regional and oyster microenvironmental scale heterogeneity in the Pacific oyster bacterial community.King, WL; Siboni, N; Kahlke, T; Dove, M; O'Connor, W; Mahbub, KR; Jenkins, C; Seymour, JR; Labbate, M
2019-12-20A New High Throughput Sequencing Assay for Characterizing the Diversity of Natural Vibrio Communities and Its Application to a Pacific Oyster Mortality EventKing, WL; Siboni, N; Kahlke, T; Green, TJ; Labbate, M; Seymour, JR
2019-12-15Urban beaches are environmental hotspots for antibiotic resistance following rainfallCarney, RL; Labbate, M; Siboni, N; Tagg, KA; Mitrovic, SM; Seymour, JR
2019-12-01Vibrio cholerae residing in food vacuoles expelled by protozoa are more infectious in vivoEspinoza-Vergara, G; Noorian, P; Silva-Valenzuela, CA; Raymond, BBA; Allen, C; Hoque, MM; Sun, S; Johnson, MS; Pernice, M; Kjelleberg, S; Djordjevic, SP; Labbate, M; Camilli, A; McDougald, D
2019-04-15Simulated Marine Heat Wave Alters Abundance and Structure of Vibrio Populations Associated with the Pacific Oyster Resulting in a Mass Mortality EventGreen, TJ; Siboni, N; King, WL; Labbate, M; Seymour, JR; Raftos, D
2019-02-15Characterisation of the Pacific Oyster Microbiome During a Summer Mortality EventKing, WL; Jenkins, C; Go, J; Siboni, N; Seymour, JR; Labbate, M