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2023-07-24A Hierarchical Hybrid MXenes Interlayer with Triple Function for Room-Temperature Sodium-Sulfur BatteriesHuang, Z; Wang, S; Guo, X; Safaei, J; Lei, Y; Lai, WH; Zhang, X; Sun, B; Shanmukaraj, D; Armand, M; Rojo, T; Wang, G
2023-07-01Boosting the Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-Rich Cathodes by Oxygen Vacancy EngineeringFarahmandjou, M; Lai, WH; Safaei, J; Wang, S; Huang, Z; Marlton, F; Ruan, J; Sun, B; Gao, H; Ostrikov, K; Notten, PHL; Wang, G
2023-03-09A Review on the Status and Challenges of Cathodes in Room-Temperature Na-S BatteriesLei, YJ; Liu, HW; Yang, Z; Zhao, LF; Lai, WH; Chen, M; Liu, H; Dou, S; Wang, YX
2022-12-08Progress and Prospects of Emerging Potassium–Sulfur BatteriesLei, YJ; Yang, HL; Liang, Y; Liu, HW; Zhang, B; Wang, L; Lai, WH; Wang, YX; Liu, HK; Dou, SX
2022-09-01Lightest Metal Leads to Big Change: Lithium-Mediated Metal Oxides for Oxygen Evolution ReactionJiang, S; Suo, H; Zheng, X; Zhang, T; Lei, Y; Wang, YX; Lai, WH; Wang, G
2022-02-01Electrolytes/Interphases: Enabling Distinguishable Sulfur Redox Processes in Room-Temperature Sodium-Sulfur BatteriesLiu, H; Lai, WH; Lei, Y; Yang, H; Wang, N; Chou, S; Liu, HK; Dou, SX; Wang, YX
2021-10-01Approaching a high-rate and sustainable production of hydrogen peroxide: Oxygen reduction on Co-N-C single-atom electrocatalysts in simulated seawaterZhao, Q; Wang, Y; Lai, WH; Xiao, F; Lyu, Y; Liao, C; Shao, M
2021-03-15Efficient separators with fast Li-ion transfer and high polysulfide entrapment for superior lithium-sulfur batteriesLiu, H; Lai, WH; Yang, HL; Zhu, YF; Lei, YJ; Zhao, L; Peng, J; Wang, YX; Chou, SL; Liu, HK
2021-02-01Rechargeable Sodium-Based Hybrid Metal-Ion Batteries toward Advanced Energy StorageYang, Z; Liu, XH; He, XX; Lai, WH; Li, L; Qiao, Y; Chou, SL; Wu, M
2021-01-07Sustainable S cathodes with synergic electrocatalysis for room-temperature Na-S batteriesLiu, H; Lai, WH; Liang, Y; Liang, X; Yan, ZC; Yang, HL; Lei, YJ; Wei, P; Zhou, S; Gu, QF; Chou, SL; Liu, HK; Dou, SX; Wang, YX
2021-01-01Atomic Cobalt Vacancy-Cluster Enabling Optimized Electronic Structure for Efficient Water SplittingZhou, YQ; Zhang, L; Suo, HL; Hua, W; Indris, S; Lei, Y; Lai, WH; Wang, YX; Hu, Z; Liu, HK; Chou, SL; Dou, SX
2021-01-01Hard Carbon Anodes: Fundamental Understanding and Commercial Perspectives for Na-Ion Batteries beyond Li-Ion and K-Ion CounterpartsZhao, LF; Hu, Z; Lai, WH; Tao, Y; Peng, J; Miao, ZC; Wang, YX; Chou, SL; Liu, HK; Dou, SX
2020-05-01The application of hollow micro-/nanostructured cathodes for sodium-ion batteriesLiu, XH; Lai, WH; Chou, SL