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1-Jun-2011Applying neural network analysis on heart rate variability data to assess driver fatiguePatel, M; Lal, SKL; Kavanagh, D; Rossiter, P
21-Jan-2008Optical flow image analysis of facial expressions of human emotion - Forensic applicationsDuthoit, CJ; Sztynda, T; Lal, SKL; Jap, BT; Agbinya, JI
1-Feb-2005Reproducibility of the spectral components of the electroencephalogram during driver fatigueLal, SKL; Craig, A
1-Aug-2003Development of an algorithm for an EEG-based driver fatigue countermeasureLal, SKL; Craig, A; Boord, P; Kirkup, L; Nguyen, H
1-Jan-2002Driver fatigue: Electroencephalography and psychological assessmentLal, SKL; Craig, A
1-Dec-2001Optimizing Blood Pressure Reduction: Predicting Success in the Home EnvironmentCraig, AR; Bartrop, R; Lal, SKL; Henderson, RJ; Hart, M; Hunyor, S
1-Feb-2001A critical review of the psychophysiology of driver fatigueLal, SKL; Craig, A
1-Jan-2001Electroencephalography activity associated with driver fatigue: Implications for a fatigue countermeasure deviceLal, SKL; Craig, A
2001The psychophysiology of driver fatigue/drowsiness : electroencephalography, electro-oculogram, electrocardiogram and psychological effectsLal, SKL
1-Jan-1998The effect of home training with direct blood pressure biofeedback of hypertensives: A placebo-controlled studyHenderson, RJ; Hart, MG; Lal, SKL; Hunyor, SN
1-Jan-1997Placebo-controlled biofeedback blood pressure effect in hypertensive humansHunyor, SN; Henderson, RJ; Lal, SKL; Carter, NL; Kobler, H; Jones, M; Bartrop, RW; Craig, A; Mihailidou, AS
1-Jan-1995Physiological influences on continuous finger and simultaneous intra-arterial blood pressureLal, SKL; Henderson, RJ; Cejnar, M; Hart, MG; Hunyor, SN