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2021-11-25Compact Low-profile Unidirectional Antenna at 2.45GHz for Body-centric CommunicationsEllis, MS; Arthur, P; Nourinia, J; Ghobadi, C; Lalbakhsh, A; Mohammadi, B
2021-11-25Designing of a Lowpass Filter with a Wide Stopband and High Attenuation LevelSoltani, S; Moloudian, G; Lalbakhsh, A; Bahrami, S
2021-05-03All-metal wideband metasurface for near-field transformation of medium-to-high gain electromagnetic sourcesLalbakhsh, A; Afzal, MU; Hayat, T; Esselle, KP; Mandal, K
2021-01-01Method to Enhance Directional Propagation of Circularly Polarized Antennas by Making Near-Electric Field Phase More UniformAfzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2021-01-01Design of a Compact Planar Transmission Line for Miniaturized Rat-Race Coupler with Harmonics SuppressionLalbakhsh, A; Mohamadpour, G; Roshani, S; Ami, M; Sayem, ASM; Alibakhshikenari, M; Koziel, S
2021Dielectric-Free Cells for Low-Cost Near-Field Phase Shifting MetasurfacesAhmed, F; Hayat, T; Afzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2021An Electronically-Tunable, Flexible and Transparent Antenna with Unidirectional Radiation PatternSayem, ASM; Simorangkir, RBVB; Esselle, KP; Thalakotuna, D; Lalbakhsh, A
2020-09-01Recent developments and state of the art in flexible and conformal reconfigurable antennasMohamadzade, B; Simorangkir, RBVB; Maric, S; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM
2020-08-01A System-Level Overview of Near-Field Meta-SteeringAfzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Lalbakhsh, A
2020-05-13Comparative Analysis of Highly Transmitting Phase Correcting Structures for Electromagnetic Bandgap Resonator AntennaHayat, T; U.Afzal, M; Lalbakhsh, A; Ahmed, F; P.Esselle, K
2020-05-01Low-Cost Nonuniform Metallic Lattice for Rectifying Aperture Near-Field of Electromagnetic Bandgap Resonator AntennasLalbakhsh, A; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Smith, SL
2020-02-013D printable lightweight porous superstrate for improved radiation performance of antennaHayat, T; Afzal, MU; Ahmed, F; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2020-01-01Beam-Scanning Antenna Based on Near-Electric Field Phase Transformation and Refraction of Electromagnetic Wave Through Dielectric StructuresAfzal, MU; Matekovits, L; Esselle, KP; Lalbakhsh, A
2019-12Compact Beam-Steered Resonant-Cavity Antenna Using Near-Field Phase TransformationAfzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2019-09-01Antenna beam steering by near-field phase transformation: Comparison between phase transforming printed metasurfaces and graded-dielectric platesAfzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Koli, NY; Esselle, KP
2019-09-01Recent Progress on Development of Near-Field Structures for Radio-Frequency Front-End AntennasAfzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Hayat, T; Esselle, KP
2019-07-013-D-Printed Phase-Rectifying Transparent Superstrate for Resonant-Cavity AntennaHayat, T; Afzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2019-03-01Single-dielectric wideband partially reflecting surface with variable reflection components for realization of a compact high-gain resonant cavity antennaLalbakhsh, A; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Smith, SL; Zeb, BA
2019-03-01Wideband near-field correction of a fabry-perot resonator antennaLalbakhsh, A; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Smith, SL
2019-01-01Antenna Beam Steering by Near-Field Phase Transformation: Comparison between Phase Transforming Printed Metasurfaces and Graded-Dielectric PlatesAfzal, M; Lalbakhsh, A; Koli, NY; EsseIle, KP