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2021-01-01Exploring the Knowledge Spillovers of a Technology in an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – The Case of Artificial Intelligence in SydneyCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Lammers, T; Zhang, Y
2021The Anniversary Tribute of PICMET: 1989-2018.Cetindamar, D; Lammers, T; Kocaoglu, DF; Zhang, Y
2020-12-11Management Consulting Techniques in Engineering Education – The Case of Operations EngineeringLammers, T; Sick, N; Kandlbinder, P
2020-06-01The Anniversary Tribute of PICMET: 1989-2018Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Lammers, T; Kocaoglu, D; Zhang, Y
2020-04-16Unternehmertum in der digitalen Stadt – Welche Rolle spielt die Gründungslandschaft beim Wettbewerb um die vorderen Plätze in internationalen Städterankings?Lammers, T; Borkert, M; Sick, N; Hoelzle, K; TIberius, V; Surrey, H
2020-01-01Half a century of computer methods and programs in biomedicine: A bibliometric analysis from 1970 to 2017Shukla, N; Merigó, JM; Lammers, T; Miranda, L
2019-10-05Digital Technology to Enhance Project Leadership Practice: The Case of Civil ConstructionEkechukwu, J; Lammers, T; George, B; Paul, J
2019-09-12Digital technologies, competitiveness & policies: An integrative city-based policy roadmap for entrepreneurial ecosystemsCetindamar; Lammers, T; Sick, N
2019-08-01A bibliometric analysis of technology management research at PICMET for 2009-2018Cetindamar, D; Kocaoglu, D; Lammers, T; Merigo, JM
2019-08-01Towards a novel framework of barriers and drivers for digital transformation in industrial supply chainsLammers, T; Tomidei, L; Trianni, A
2019-07-15Understanding The Relationship Between Smart Cities And Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: The Case Of SydneyCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Lammers, T; Sick, N; Biloria, N
2019-04-25Modulares Projektportfoliomanagement – Eine Vision zur Beherrschung komplexer ProjektlandschaftenLammers, T; Skirde, H; Guertler, M; Schroeder, M; Wegner, K
2019-01-01Stem Education And Women Entrepreneurs In Technology Enterprises: Explorations From AustraliaCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; James, E; Lammers, T; Pearce, A; Sullivan, E; Bullough, A; Hechavarria, D; Brush, C; Edelman, L
2019STEM education and women entrepreneurs in technology enterprises: explorations from AustraliaCetindamar, D; James, E; Lammers, T; Pearce, A; Sullivan, E
2018-10-04What causes companies to transform digitally? An overview of drivers for Australian key industriesLammers, T; Tomidei, L; Regattieri, A
2018-10-04Establishing entrepreneurship ecosystems based on digital technologies: A policy roadmap approach at the city levelCetindamar, D; Lammers, T; Sick, N
2018-09-30Pushing the Digital Transformation of Logistics: A Tri-Continental Study of Regulatory EnvironmentsLammers, T; Petersen, M; Brockhaus, S
2018-03-25A trend study of ecological product development partnerships in the German foundry value chainHeld, T; Lammers, T
2018-01-01A study of influential factors in designing self-reconfigurable robots for green manufacturingFahmideh, M; Lammers, T
2016-01-01Deriving public sector workforce insights: A case study using Australian public sector employment profilesGhosh, S; Zheng, Y; Lammers, T; Chen, YY; Fitzmaurice, C; Johnston, S; Li, J