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28-Sep-2018Flood risk to commercial property: Training and education needs of built environment professionalsBhattacharya-Mis, N; Lamond, J; Montz, B; Kreibich, H; Wilkinson, S; Chan, F; Proverbs, D
1-May-2018Advising on flood risk - opportunities and challenges across international commercial property marketsBhattacharya Mis, N; Chan, F; Kreibich, H; Montz, B; Lamond, J; Proverbs, D; Wilkinson, SJ
18-Apr-2018Head above water.Wilkinson, SJ; Chan, F; Lamond, J
2017Flood risk mitigation and commercial property advice: an international comparisonLamond, J; Bhattacharya Mis, N; Chan, F; Kreibach, H; Burrell, M; Proverbs, D; Wilkinson, SJ
23-Sep-2016An international understanding of Building Surveyors in the context of commercial properties at risk of floodingLamond, J; Proverbs, D; Kreibach, H; Chan, F; Montz, B; Bhattacharya-Mis, N; Wilkinson, SJ
1-Jul-2016Stormwater Attenuation And Green Roof RetrofitLamond, J; Wilkinson, SJ; Proverbs, D; Wilkinson, SJ; Dixon, TJ
1-Jan-2015Technical considerations in green roof retrofit for stormwater attenuation in the central business districtWilkinson, SJ; Lamond, J; Proverbs, D; Sharman, L; Heller, A; Manion, J
4-Dec-2014Retrofit of Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) in CBD for improved flood mitigationWilkinson, SJ; Proverbs, D; Lamond, J; Rose, C
18-Jun-2014Modelling a green roof retrofit in the Melbourne Central Business DistrictWilkinson, SJ; Rose, C; Glenis, V; Lamond, J
Jan-2014Conceptualising the benefits of green roof technology for commercial real estate owners and occupiersLamond, J; Wilkinson, SJ; Rose, C; -