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1-Jan-2019Thinking Without Monsters: The Role of the Philosopher in Moira GatensLaurie, T
1-Jan-2019Critical Approaches to Continental Philosophy: Intellectual Community, Disciplinary Identity, and the Politics of InclusionLaurie, T; Stark, H; Walker, B
20-Nov-2018Higher degree research by numbers: beyond the critiques of neo-liberalismLaurie, T; Grealy, L; Peseta, T; Barrie, S; McLean, J
1-Jul-2018Spatial Reading, Territorial Signs, and the Clamour of OccupationLaurie, T; Torres, PN; Morrissey, P; Healy, C
2-Oct-2017LOVE’S LESSONS: intimacy, pedagogy and political communityLaurie, T; Stark, H
16-Apr-2017Higher degree research by numbers: beyond the critiques of neo-liberalismGrealy, L; Laurie, T
3-Feb-2017Masculinity and RidiculeLaurie, T; Hickey-Moody, A; Papenburg, B
2-Jan-2017The concept of minority for the study of cultureLaurie, T; Khan, R
8-Apr-2016Reading People Watching Music: Feminism, Fandom, TrollsLaurie, T
23-Nov-2015Serialising Gender, Breeding Race: Biopolitics in Game of ThronesLaurie, T
24-Sep-2015Gender, Intimacy, CapitalismStark, HS; Laurie, T
1-Jan-2015Masculinity studies and the jargon of strategy: Hegemony, tautology, senseLaurie, T
1-Jan-2015Geophilosophies of masculinity: Remapping gender, aesthetics and knowledgeHickey-Moody, A; Laurie, T
2-Sep-2014Music Genre as MethodLaurie, T
2-Jan-2014Crossover fatigue: The persistence of gender at motown recordsLaurie, T
1-Jan-2014The ethics of nobody I know: Gender and the politics of descriptionLaurie, T
4-Jun-2013Critical Cinema: Beyond the Theory of PracticeLaurie, T
1-Jun-2013Agonistics: Thinking the World PoliticallyLaurie, T
1-Sep-2012Come get these memories: Gender, history and racial uplift in Bill Condon's DreamgirlsLaurie, T
1-Jun-2012Epistemology as Politics and the Double-Bind of Border Thinking: Levi-Strauss, Deleuze and Guattari, MignoloLaurie, T