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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-01A collaborative task planning and development environment on the cloud/gridHoang, DB; Phung, MH; Lawrence, E
2011-01-01Using activity theory to examine information systems for supporting mobile workEr, M; Lawrence, E
2011-01A Regional City Council mGovernment Case Study: Success Factors for Acceptance and TrustAl-Khamayseh, SA; Lawrence, EM; Al-Khamayseh, S; Lawrence, E
2011-01Serious Games to Improve the Physical Health of the Elderly: A Categorization SchemeGarcia Marin, JA; Felix Navarro, KM; Lawrence, EM; Marin, JG; Navarro, KF; Lawrence, E
2010-12-01Intelligent network management for healthcare monitoringNavarro, KF; Lawrence, E; Debenham, J
2010-08-27A collaborative task planning and development environment on the gridPhung, MH; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, E
2010-08-11Information systems and activity theory: A case study of doctors and mobile knowledge workEr, M; Kay, R; Lawrence, E
2010-05-18Interactive games to improve quality of life for the elderly: Towards integration into a WSN monitoring systemLawrence, E; Sax, C; Navarro, KF; Qiao, M
2010-05-18WSN applications in personal healthcare monitoring systems: A heterogeneous frameworkNavarro, KF; Lawrence, E
2010-01-01Developing an interactive electronic maternity recordHomer, CSE; Catling-Paull, CJ; Sinclair, D; Faizah, N; Balasubramanian, V; Foureur, MJ; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, E
2010-01-01Improving health outcomes for the elderly an analytic frameworkLawrence, E; Sax, C; Navarro, KF
2010-01Body Sensor networks for Mobile Health MonitoringGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Berntzen, L; Bodendorf, F; Lawrence, E; Perry, M; Smedberg, A
2010-01Mobile Government in Action at Local Councils: A Case StudyAl-Khamayseh, SA; Lawrence, EM; Berntzen, L; Bodendorf, F; Lawrence, E; Perry, M; Smedberg, A
2009-12-01Ambulatory health monitoring and remote sensing systems to be used by outpatients and elders at home: User-related design considerationsMoulton, B; Chen, J; Croucher, G; Lal, S; Lawrence, E; Mahendran, L; Varis, A
2009-12-01Portable medical monitoring: An E-nursing interface for elderly care emergenciesSax, C; Lawrence, E; Wolff, C
2009-07-23Data collection, correlation and dissemination of medical sensor information in a WSNLawrence, E; Navarro, KF; Hoang, D; Yen, YL
2009-04-10Towards an understanding of collaboration in teaching technology subjects in an amalgamated faculty of engineering and information technologyLawrence, E; Loke, L; Raban, R; Brookes, W; Aubrey, T
2009-04-10Medical motecare: A distributed personal healthcare monitoring systemNavarro, KF; Lawrence, E; Lim, B
2009-01-01A front-end for collaborative task planning on the gridPhung, HM; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, E
2009-01-01A novel collaborative grid framework for distributed healthcarePhung, HM; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, E