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2020-12-16Software Quality and its Entanglements in PracticePrior, J; Leaney, J; Zafiroglu, A; Lewis, T
2020-11-01How do Colombian software companies evaluate software product quality?Perdomo, W; Prior, J; Leaney, J
2019-01-29What is the Effect of a Software Studio Experience on a Student's Employability?Prior, J; Laudari, S; Leaney, J
2018-08-22Enterprise IT Governance impact on Agile Software Development Project SuccessBajwa, MA; Prior, J; Leaney, J; Ferguson, S; B. Andersson; B. Johansson; S. Carlsson; C. B. M. Lang; H. Linger; C. Schneider
2016-02-01Reflection is hard: Teaching and learning reflective practice in a software studioPrior, J; Ferguson, S; Leaney, J
2014-01-01Things coming together: Learning experiences in a software studioPrior, J; Connor, A; Leaney, J
2013-10-15The use of autonomic management in multi-provider telecommunication servicesMearns, H; Leaney, J
2012-11-01Spontaneous retinal venous pulsatility in patients with cyanotic congenital heart diseaseMojtaba Golzan, S; Leaney, J; Cordina, R; Avolio, A; Celermajer, DS; Graham, SL
2012-01-01An introduction to software miningKennard, R; Leaney, J
2012-01-01CARMA: Complete autonomous responsible management agents for telecommunications and inter-cloud servicesMearns, H; Leaney, J; Parakhine, A; Debenham, J; Verchere, D
2011-12-01An autonomic open marketplace for inter-cloud service managementMearns, H; Leaney, J; Parakhine, A; Debenham, J; Verchere, D
2011-12-01An autonomic open marketplace for service management and resilienceMearns, H; Leaney, J; Parakhine, A; Debenham, J; Verchere, D
2011-12-01Is there convergence in the field of UI generation?Kennard, R; Leaney, J
2011-01-01Dynamic association between intraocular pressure and spontaneous pulsations of retinal veinsGolzan, SM; Graham, SL; Leaney, J; Avolio, A
2010-10-01Towards a general purpose architecture for UI generationKennard, R; Leaney, J
2010-06-11The architectural evolution of telecommunications network management systemsMearns, H; Leaney, J; Verchere, D
2010-06-11Critique of network management systems and their practicalityMearns, H; Leaney, J; Verchere, D
2009-10-20Separation anxiety: Stresses of developing a modern day separable user interfaceKennard, R; Edmonds, E; Leaney, J
2008-05-28Design guidance using simulation-based Bayesian Belief NetworksParakhine, A; Leaney, J; O'Neill, T
2008-01-01Evaluating Open Service Access with an Abstract Model of NGN FunctionsLee, S; Leaney, J; O'Neill, T; Hunter, M; Ma, Y; Choi, D; Ata, S