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2023Mutually Agreed Terms, Arctic Genetic Resources and Private International Law.Leary, D; Tanaka, Y; Johnstone, R; Ulfbeck, V
2021-12-01Gilt Dragons, porcelain and plundered doubloons: A comparative analysis of Taiwan and Australian underwater cultural heritage protection lawsLeary, D; Hu, NTA; Wu, PF
2021-11-228. International Maritime Organization (IMO)Leary, D
2021-10-28Synthetic biology and international environmental law: time to move from definition to regulation.Leary, D; Sindico, F; Switzer, S; Tianbao, Q
2021-01-01Synthetic biology and international environmental law: Time to move from definition to regulationLeary, D
2020-12-01Bioprospecting at the PolesLeary, D; Scott, K; VanderZwaag, D
2019-11-29Frozen robots: autonomous underwater vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles in the Antarctic: a new tool or a new challenge for sustainable ocean governance?Leary, D; Liu, N; Brooks, C; Qin, T
2019-04-01GreenPower and Renewable Energy: Consumer Protection, Trade Practices and Energy Market Regulation in AustraliaLeary, D
2019-01-01Agreeing to disagree on what we have or have not agreed on: The current state of play of the BBNJ negotiations on the status of marine genetic resources in areas beyond national jurisdictionLeary, D
2018-11-27Marine Genetic Resources in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction: Do We Need to Regulate Them in a New Agreement?Leary, D
2017-08-01The prevailing wind: Recent developments, challenges and future prospects for wind energy in the coastal zone in key jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific regionLeary, D
2017-07-01Drowning Cliefden Caves: Environmental law and geoheritage protection in New South WalesLeary, D
2016-08-26The Australian Renewable Energy Target scheme: a case study of the impact of uncertainty on a market- based mechanismButcher, B; Milne, J; Ashiabor, H; Leary, D; Stoianoff, N; Kreiser, L
2014-04-25From hydrocarbons to psychrophiles: The 'scramble' for Antarctic and Arctic resourcesLeary, D
2014-01-01Chapter 7: From hydrocarbons to psychrophiles: the 'scramble' for Antarctic and Arctic resourcesLeary, D
2012-05-01Moving the marine genetic resources debate forward: Some reflectionsLeary, D
2012-01-01Current developments and future prospects of offshore wind and ocean energyEsteban, M; Leary, D
2011-03-01Job retention in the British offshore sector through greening of the North Sea energy industryEsteban, M; Leary, D; Zhang, Q; Utama, A; Tezuka, T; Ishihara, KN
2011-01-01Recent developments in offshore renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific regionLeary, D; Esteban, M
2010-12-01The corporatisation of international responses to climate change: The Global Carbon Capture and Storage InstituteLeary, D