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22-Jan-2017Factors associated with non-adherence to HBV antiviral therapy.Sheppard-Law, S; Zablotska-Manos, I; Kermeen, M; Holdaway, S; Lee, A; George, J; Zekry, A; Maher, L
2017Factors associated with HBV virological breakthrough.Sheppard-Law, S; Zablotska-Manos, I; Kermeen, M; Holdaway, S; Lee, A; Zekry, A; Dore, GJ; George, J; Maher, L
Sep-2013Understanding partnership practice in child and family nursing through the concept of practice architecturesHopwood, N; Fowler, CM; Lee, A; Rossiter, C; Bigsby, M
17-Apr-2013Genome-wide diel growth state transitions in the diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana.Ashworth, J; Coesel, S; Lee, A; Armbrust, EV; Orellana, MV; Baliga, NS
Jan-2013Conceptualizing Autoethnography as Assemblage: Accounts of Occupational Therapy PracticeDenshire, SJ; Lee, A
Dec-2012Partners in Hope: an innovative program to support mothers affected by alcohol and drug dependence and their childrenFowler, CM; Rossiter, C; Day, C; Lee, A
Nov-2012Working in partnership with parents: the experience and challenge of practice innovation in child and family health nursingFowler, CM; Rossiter, C; Bigsby, M; Hopwood, N; Lee, A; Dunston, R
7-Oct-2012Reciprocal learning in partnership practice: an exploratory study of a home visiting program for mothers with depressionFowler, CM; Dunston, R; Lee, A; Rossiter, C; McKenzie, JA
6-Jun-2012Seeing is Believing: An Embodied Pedagogy of 'Doing Partnership' in Child and Family HealthLee, A; Dunston, R; Fowler, CM; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
1-Jan-2012Designing (in) the PhD in Architecture: Knowledge, Discipline, PedagogyRice, CE; Matthews, LM; Lee, A; Danby, S
Jan-2012Framing doctoral pedagogy as design and actionDanby, S; Lee, A; Lee; Danby
Jan-2012The Graduate School in the Sky: Emerging Pedagogies for an International Network for Doctoral Education and ResearchAbrandt Dahlgren, M; Grosjean, G; Lee, A; Nystrom, S; Lee, A; Danby, S
Jan-2012Becoming Depressed at Work: A Study of Worker NarrativesWest, LH; Lee, A; Poynton, C
Jan-2012Problematising Practice, Reconceptualising Learning and Imagining ChangeHager, P; Lee, A; Reich, AJ; Hager, P; Reich, A; Lee, A
Jan-2012Theories of Practice and Their Connections with Learning: A Continuum of More and Less Inclusive AccountsHager, P; Hager, P; Reich, A; Lee, A
Jan-2012Governing Learning Practices: Governmentality and PracticesReich, AJ; Girdwood, JL; Hager, P; Reich, A; Lee, A
Jan-2012Towards Understanding Workplace Learning Through Theorising Practice: At Work in Hospital Emergency DepartmentsManidis, M; Scheeres, HB; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
Jan-2012Collective learning practiceHager, P; Johnsson, MC; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
Jan-2012Sensing the tempo-rhythm of practice: The dynamics of engagementJohnsson, MC; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
Jan-2012Learning organizational practices that persist, perpetuate and change: A Schatzkian viewPrice, O; Johnsson, MC; Scheeres, HB; Boud, DJ; Solomon, N; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A