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1-May-2018Bitcoin: Medium of exchange or speculative assets?Baur, DG; Hong, KH; Lee, AD
26-Sep-2017Bitcoin: Medium of Exchange or Speculative Assets?Baur, DG; Hong, K; Lee, AD
1-Apr-2017Testing the effect of portfolio holdings disclosure in an environment absent of mandatory disclosureChen, Z; Gallagher, DR; Lee, AD
1-Dec-2016How has the Relevance of Institutional Brokerage Changed?Fong, KYL; Foster, FD; Gallagher, DR; Lee, AD
1-Oct-2015Global information distribution in the gold OTC marketsChai, EFL; Lee, AD; Wang, J
1-Jan-2015A model of emulation fundsChen, Z; Foster, FD; Gallagher, DR; Lee, AD
9-Jun-2014Estimating the excess returns to housing at a disaggregated level: An application to sydney 2003-2011Melser, D; Lee, AD
1-Jan-2014Does a nearby murder affect housing prices and rents? The case of SydneyKlimova, A; Lee, AD
1-Jan-2014Waiting costs and limit order book liquidity: Evidence from the ex-dividend deadline in AustraliaAinsworth, A; Lee, AD
1-Jan-2014Contracts for dummies? The performance of investors in contracts for differenceLee, AD; Choy, S
1-Jan-2014Individual investors and broker typesFong, KYL; Gallagher, DR; Lee, AD
1-Aug-2013Does portfolio emulation outperform its target funds?Chen, Z; Foster, FD; Gallagher, DR; Lee, AD
1-Jan-2009The Value of Alpha Forecasts in Portfolio ConstructionFong, K; Lee, AD; Gallagher, DR; Gallagher, DR
1-Jan-2008The State of Origin of Australian Equity: Does Active Fund Manager Location Matter?Fong, K; Gallagher, DR; Lee, AD
Jan-2008Benchmarking benchmarks: Measuring characteristic selectivity using equity portfolio holdings dataFong, K; Gallagher, DR; Lee, AD
Jan-2007Where Do Australian Active Equity Managers Outperform?Fong, K; Gallagher, DR; Lee, AD