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8-May-2017A Deterministic Distributed Algorithm for Reasoning with Connected Row-Convex ConstraintsKong, S; Lee, JH; Li, S; Larson, K; Winikoff, M; Das, S; Durfee, E
1-Apr-2017A survey of qualitative spatial and temporal calculi: Algebraic and computational propertiesDylla, F; Lee, JH; Mossakowski, T; Schneider, T; Van Delden, A; Van De Ven, J; Wolter, D
1-Jan-2016Trend-based prediction of spatial changeGe, X; Lee, JH; Renz, J; Zhang, P
2016On Redundancy in Simple Temporal NetworksLee, JH; Li, S; Long, Z; Sioutis, M
1-Jan-2015Qualitative reasoning about directions in semantic spacesSchockaert, S; Lee, JH
1-Jan-2015From raw sensor data to detailed spatial knowledgeZhang, P; Lee, JH; Renz, J; Yang, Q; Wooldridge, M
12-Feb-2014Implementation of Elman neural networks for enhancing reliability of integrated bridge deterioration modelBu, GP; Lee, JH; Guan, H; Loo, YC; Blumenstein, M
1-Jan-2014The complexity of reasoning with relative directionsLee, JH
1-Dec-2013StarVars-effective reasoning about relative directionsLee, JH; Renz, J; Wolter, D
1-Jan-2013Typical deterministic and stochastic bridge deterioration modelling incorporating backward prediction modelBu, GP; Son, JB; Lee, JH; Guan, H; Blumenstein, M; Loo, YC
Jan-2013Performance comparison of thin-film composite forward osmosis membranesFam, WA; Phuntsho, S; Shon, H; Lee, JH
2013Towards Safe Navigation by Formalizing Navigation RulesKreutzmann, A; Wolter, D; Dylla, F; Lee, JH
Jan-2012Understanding Cognitive Activities in Parametric DesignJupp, J; Ostwald, MJ; Gu, N; Lee, JH
1-Dec-2011ANN-based structural element performance model for reliable bridge asset managementSon, JB; Lee, JH; Guan, H; Loo, YC; Blumenstein, M
26-Sep-2011CLP(QS): A declarative spatial reasoning frameworkBhatt, M; Lee, JH; Schultz, C
Jan-2010Small Punch Test of LC4/SiCp Metal Matrix CompositesHeness, GL; Lee, JH
-Multiagent Simple Temporal Problem: The Arc-Consistency ApproachKong, S; Lee, JH; Li, S