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2023-05-31Development and Application of the Scale-Up Reflection Guide (SRG).Lee, K; Crane, M; Grunseit, A; O'Hara, B; Milat, A; Wolfenden, L; Bauman, A; van Nassau, F
2023-02-22Digital Platforms: Government Consultation on ACCC’s Regulatory Reform Recommendations - Consultation Paper, December 2022. Submission by Centre for Media TransitionWilding, D; Lee, K
2022-12-01Are distinct modes of using digital technologies evident by age eight? Implications for digital divides.Corkin, MT; Meissel, K; Peterson, ER; Lee, K; Giacaman, N; Janicot, S; Morton, SMB
2022-08-05Digital Platform Complaint Handling: Options for an External Dispute Resolution SchemeWilding, D; Raiche, H; Lee, K; Stuhmcke, A
2022-04-08Submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: Digital Platform Services Inquiry: Discussion Paper for Interim Report No 5 - Updating Competition and Consumer Law for Digital Platform ServicesLee, K; Wilding, D; Paterson, P; Lindsay, D
2022-01-01Deep Learning-Aided Signal Enumeration for Lens Antenna ArrayHoang, DT; Lee, K
20223-Dimensional mesothelioma spheroids provide closer to natural pathophysiological tumor microenvironment for drug response studies.Shi, H; Rath, EM; Lin, RCY; Sarun, KH; Clarke, CJ; McCaughan, BC; Ke, H; Linton, A; Lee, K; Klebe, S; Maitz, J; Song, K; Wang, Y; Kao, S; Cheng, YY
2021-11-03Multiplexed immunofluorescence identifies high stromal CD68+PD-L1+ macrophages as a predictor of improved survival in triple negative breast cancer.Wang, J; Browne, L; Slapetova, I; Shang, F; Lee, K; Lynch, J; Beretov, J; Whan, R; Graham, PH; Millar, EKA
2021-10-21Development of CAR T-cell lymphoma in 2 of 10 patients effectively treated with piggyBac-modified CD19 CAR T cells.Bishop, DC; Clancy, LE; Simms, R; Burgess, J; Mathew, G; Moezzi, L; Street, JA; Sutrave, G; Atkins, E; McGuire, HM; Gloss, BS; Lee, K; Jiang, W; Maddock, K; McCaughan, G; Avdic, S; Antonenas, V; O'Brien, TA; Shaw, PJ; Irving, DO; Gottlieb, DJ; Blyth, E; Micklethwaite, KP
2021-08-13The Australian News Media Bargaining Code: Lessons for the UK, EU and BeyondLee, K; Molitorisz, S
2021-03-09The Case for Reviewing Broadcasting Co-regulationLee, K; Wilding, D
2021-02-18Towards Responsiveness: Consumer and Citizen Engagement in Co-Regulatory Rule-Making in the Australian Communications SectorLee, K; Wilding, D
2021-01-01Corrigendum to ‘Aerogel from fruit biowaste produces ultracapacitors with high energy density and stability’ [Journal of Energy Storage (2020) Volume 27 Pages 101152] (Journal of Energy Storage (2020) 27, (S2352152X19309077), (10.1016/j.est.2019.101152))Lee, K; Shabnam, L; Faisal, SN; Hoang, VC; Hassan, M; Gomes, VG
2020-09-24Submission to Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications - Consumer Safeguards Review, Part C: Choice and Fairness, Consultation PaperWilding, D; Lee, K
2020-05-01Roadmap for Green Roofs, Walls and Facades in Australia’s Urban LandscapesWilkinson, S; Bathgate, R; Williams, N; Sargent, L; Lee, K; Ritchie, M; Bush, J; Pelleri, N; Hall, G; Martin, C
2020-04-30Engaging the Public in Codes of PracticeLee, K; Wilding, D
2020-02-21Submission dated 21 February 2020 to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications on the Digital Technology Hub Consultation PaperLee, K; Wilding, D
2020-02-21Submission to Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications - Online Safety Legislative Reform Discussion Paper, December 2019Wilding, D; Lee, K; Lindsay, D; Molitorisz, S
2020-02-01Aerogel from fruit biowaste produces ultracapacitors with high energy density and stabilityLee, K; Shabnam, L; Faisal, SN; Hoang, VC; Gomes, VG
2020Hyperparameter Estimation in SVM with GPU Acceleration for Prediction of Protein-Protein InteractionsChen, H; Wang, L; Jin, Y; Chi, CH; Li, F; Chu, H; Shen, J; Baru, C; Huan, J; Khan, L; Hu, XH; Ak, R; Tian, Y; Barga, R; Zaniolo, C; Lee, K; Ye, YF