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2021-12-01A Novel Dual-Mode Switched-Capacitor Five-Level Inverter with Common-Ground Transformerless ConceptBarzegarkhoo, R; Siwakoti, YP; Aguilera, RP; Khan, MNH; Lee, SS; Blaabjerg, F
2021-11-16A Novel Single-Source Single-Stage Switched-Boost Five-Level (S5B5L) Inverter With Dynamic Voltage Boosting FeatureFarhangi, M; Barzegarkhoo, R; Siwakoti, YP; Lu, D; Lee, SS
2021-11-01Improved cascaded h‐bridge multilevel inverters with voltage‐boosting capabilityLee, SS; Yang, Y; Siwakoti, YP; Barzegarkhoo, R
2021-09-01A Novel Generalized Common-Ground Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Suitable for Transformerless Grid-Connected ApplicationsBarzegarkhoo, R; Lee, SS; Khan, SA; Siwakoti, Y; Lu, DDC
2021-07-13A Common-Ground-Type Single-Stage Buck-Boost Inverter with Sinusoidal Output VoltageLee, SS; Gorla, NBY; Panda, SK; Lee, K-B; Siwakoti, YP; Barzegarkhoo, R
2021-01-01Switched-Boost Common-Ground Five-Level (SBCG5L) Grid-Connected Inverter With Single-Stage Dynamic Voltage Boosting ConceptBarzegarkhoo, R; Farhangi, M; Aguilera, RP; Siwakoti, YP; Lee, SS
2021-01-01Switched-Capacitor-Based 5-Level T-Type Inverter (SC-5TI) with Soft-Charging and Enhanced DC-Link Voltage UtilizationLee, SS; Siwakoti, Y; Barzegarkhoo, R; Lee, K-B
2020A Novel Boost Cascaded Multilevel InverterLee, SS; Yang, Y; Siwakoti, YP; Lee, K-B
2020Hybrid 7-Level Boost Active-Neutral-Point-Clamped (H-7L-BANPC) InverterLee, SS; Lim, CS; Siwakoti, YP; Lee, K-B
2020A New Unity-Gain 5-Level Active Neutral-Point-Clamped (UG-5L-ANPC) InverterLee, SS; Lim, CS; Siwakoti, YP; Idris, NRN; Alsofyani, IM; Lee, KB
2020Design, Control, and Analysis of a Novel Grid-Interfaced Switched-Boost Dual T-Type Five-Level Inverter With Common-Ground ConceptBarzegarkhoo, R; Lee, SS; Siwakoti, YP; Khan, SA; Blaabjerg, F
2020A Novel Single-Stage Five-Level Common-Ground-Boost-Type Active Neutral-Point-Clamped (5L-CGBT-ANPC) InverterLee, SS; Yang, Y; Siwakoti, Y
2020Dual-T-Type 5-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter (DTT-5L-CMI) with Double Voltage Boosting GainLee, SS; Lim, CS; Siwakoti, Y; Lee, K-B
2020An Improved PWM Technique to Achieve Continuous Input Current in Common-Ground Transformerless Boost InverterLee, SS; Siwakoti, YP; Lim, CS; Lee, K-B
2019-09-01Single-stage common-ground boost inverter (S2CGBI) for solar photovoltaic systemsLee, SS; Shen Lim, C; Siwakoti, YP; Lee, KB