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2022-11-22Dust and Soil: Speculative Approaches to Microecological SensingLee, T; Wakefield-Rann, R
2022-06-01Optimizing the performance of sweeping gas membrane distillation for treating naturally heated saline groundwaterLee, T; Min, C; Naidu, G; Huang, Y; Shon, HK; Kim, S-H
2022-01-01Ultrasound spine image segmentation using multi-scale feature fusion Skip-Inception U-Net (SIU-Net)Banerjee, S; Lyu, J; Huang, Z; Leung, FHF; Lee, T; Yang, D; Su, S; Zheng, Y; Ling, SH
2021-11-02Finding the KT partition of a weighted graph in near-linear timeApers, S; Gawrychowski, P; Lee, T
2021-10-29A sublinear time quantum algorithm for s-t minimum cut on dense simple graphsApers, S; Auza, A; Lee, T
2021-09-30Art, Design and Communicating the Story: The Cover of Coach Fitz.Adelaide, D; Attfield, S; Lee, T; Adelaide, D; Attfield, S
2021-09-06On the query complexity of connectivity with global queriesAuza, A; Lee, T
2021-07-01Quantum complexity of minimum cutApers, S; Lee, T
2021-07-01On the cut dimension of a graphLee, T; Li, T; Santha, M; Zhang, S
2021-06-28Kartinyeri v Commonwealth [1998] HCA 22Behrendt, L; Lee, T
2021-06Beyond archetypes: advancing the knowledge of narrative fiction in future scenariosLee, T
2021-05-01Improving landholder engagement in biodiversity conservation: what can be learned from literary theory and designLee, T; Wakefield-Rann, R
2021-04-20Conspicuous and inconspicuous repair: A framework for situating repair in relation to consumer practices and design researchLee, T; Wakefield-Rann, R
2021-03-30From Oatmeal Sweaters to Rainbow Blouses: Robin Boyd and Australian FashionMcNeil, P; Stead, N; Lee, T; McEoin, E; Patty, M
2021-01-30Cultures of Number: Connections across literature, design and technologyLee, T
2021-01-01Attitudes, barriers and facilitators of hospital pharmacists conducting practice-based research: a systematic reviewReali, S; Lee, T; Bishop, J; Mirkov, S; Johnson, J; McCourt, E; Hughes, J; Pont, L; Page, AT; Penm, J
2021-01-01Two new results about quantum exact learningArunachalam, S; Chakraborty, S; Lee, T; Paraashar, M; de Wolf, R
2021-01-01Quantum algorithms for graph problems with cut queriesLee, T; Santha, M; Zhang, S
2021After The Australian UglinessStead, N; Lee, T; Patty, M; McEwan, E