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2016-01-01Building social awareness for teens and young adults with autism via gamificationGay, V; Leijdekkers, P; Pooley, A
2015-11-01Bringing health and fitness data together for connected health care: Mobile apps as enablers of interoperabilityGay, V; Leijdekkers, P
2015-01-01Improving user engagement by aggregating and analysing health and fitness data on a mobile appLeijdekkers, P; Gay, V
2015-01-01Improving user engagement by aggregating and analysing health and fitness data on a mobile appLeijdekkers, P; Gay, V
2015-01-01Le Bon Samaritain: A Community-Based Care Model Supported by TechnologyGay, V; Leijdekkers, P; Gill, A; Felix Navarro, K
2015Improving User Engagement by Aggregating and Analysing Health and Fitness Data on a Mobile AppLeijdekkers, P; Gay, V
2014-01-01Design of emotion-aware mobile apps for autistic childrenGay, V; Leijdekkers, P
2013-12-09CaptureMyEmotion: A mobile app to improve emotion learning for autistic children using sensorsLeijdekkers, P; Gay, V; Wong, F
2013-01-01Using sensors and facial expression recognition to personalize emotion learning for autistic childrenGay, V; Leijdekkers, P; Wong, F
2013-01-01SocialCycle: What can a mobile app do to encourage cycling?Navarro, KF; Gay, V; Golliard, L; Johnston, B; Leijdekkers, P; Vaughan, E; Wang, X; Williams, MA
2013-01-01CaptureMyEmotion: Helping autistic children understand their emotions using facial expression recognition and mobile technologiesGay, V; Leijdekkers, P; Agcanas, J; Wong, F; Wu, Q
2013-01Helping Autistic Children Understand Their Emotions Using Facial Expression Recognition and Mobile TechnologiesGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Wu, Q; Wigand, DL; Carlsson, C; Clarke, R; Pucihar, A; Borstnar, MK
2013Capture My Emotion: a Mobile App to Improve Emotion Learning for Autistic Children Using SensorsLeijdekkers, P; Gay, V; Pedro Pereira Rodrigues
2012-06-18User adoption of mobile apps for chronic disease management: A case study based on myFitnessCompanion®Leijdekkers, P; Gay, V
2011-12-01The good, the bad and the ugly about social networks for health appsGay, V; Leijdekkers, P
2011-01Proposed Novel Solution to Improve Medication Adherence for Cardiac PatientsQudah, I; Leijdekkers, P; Gay, VC; Abandah, DG
2010-12-01Understanding risk factors in cardiac rehabilitation patients with random forests and decision treesVan, A; Gay, VC; Kennedy, PJ; Barin, E; Leijdekkers, P
2010-10-19Feasibility trial of a novel mobile cardiac rehabilitation applicationGay, V; Leijdekkers, P; Barin, E
2010-09-09Using mobile phones to improve medication compliance and awareness for cardiac patientsQudah, I; Leijdekkers, P; Gay, V
2010-01Body Sensor networks for Mobile Health MonitoringGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Berntzen, L; Bodendorf, F; Lawrence, E; Perry, M; Smedberg, A