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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Oct-2018A book to inspire the pursuit of mystery and enchantment in HCILeong, TW
8-Jun-2018Conducting qualitative fieldwork with ageing saudis: A visual diaryNassir, S; Leong, TW
1-Feb-2018Manual engagement and automation in amateur photographyPloderer, B; Leong, TW
2018Days of our livesDerix, EC; Leong, TW
2018Tools to think withHenderson, H; Tomitsch, M; Leong, TW
28-Nov-2017Digital meaning: Exploring and understanding the motivations and experiences of virtual volunteersFeng, VX; Leong, TW
28-Nov-2017Collaborative futures: A technology design approach to support living well with dementiaBell, J; Leong, TW
28-Nov-2017Lessons learned: A study on user difficulties with parking metersHenderson, H; Leong, TW
28-Nov-2017#thismymob: Digital land rights and reconnecting indigenous communities. ozchi workshop brisbane 2017Lawrence, C; Leong, TW; Gay, V; Woods, A; Wadley, G
6-May-2017Designing the social Internet of ThingsSoro, A; Brereton, M; Roe, P; Wyeth, P; Johnson, D; Ambe, AH; Morrison, A; Bardzell, S; Leong, TW; Ju, W; Lindtner, S; Rogers, Y; Buur, J
2-May-2017Traversing boundaries: Understanding the experiences of ageing SaudisNassir, S; Leong, TW
15-Aug-2016Voicing values: Laying foundations for ageing people to participate in designLeong, TW; Robertson, T
4-Jun-2016Understanding the sociality of experience in mobile music listening with PocketsongKirk, DS; Durrant, A; Wood, G; Leong, TW; Wright, P
24-Feb-2016What's Special about AgingLight, A; Pedell, S; Robertson, T; Waycott, J; Bell, J; Durick, J; Leong, TW
1-Jan-2016Co-design and robots: A case study of a robot dog for aging peopleLeong, TW; Johnston, B
7-Dec-2015Positive Ageing: Elements and factors for designNassir, S; Leong, TW; Robertson, T
7-Dec-2015Values-led Participatory Design as a pursuit of meaningful alternativesLeong, TW; Iversen, OS
7-Dec-2015Wearable audio-video recorders as a tool for investigating child play experiences in natureCumbo, BJ; Leong, TW
5-Oct-2015Exploring gameplay experiences on the oculus riftTan, CT; Leong, TW; Shen, S; Dubravs, C; Si, C
15-Sep-2014Mutual learning as a resource for research designRobertson, T; Leong, TW; Durick, J; Koreshoff, T